Many people are probably searching for how to remove linoleum, which sounds like a great do it yourself project, but what they don’t realize is the large amounts of silica dust that goes airborne when doing this.

Using a system like the DustRam is the only way to both remove the actual linoleum flooring as well as bring the floors back down to bare concrete where they are typically ready for new flooring to be installed.

Let’s face it, linoleum flooring has been outdated since tile came along in the 1990’s and even today, with the new wood look tile becoming popular, homes that still have linoleum are due for an upgrade.

Don’t bother trying to clean or remove stains from your old vinyl tile flooring, just have it removed and start fresh with something modern. Though we don’t actually perform the installation, we can always provide you with a list of companies that are great sources for both new flooring, and installation.

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Here is a video showing what it is like when someone has already removed the linoleum but was not able to grind the floors and remove the adhesive: