Choose Dustless Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ


If you desire to remove tiles in your home or commercial building, you need to remember one thing-traditional tile removal is messy. There are tiling technicians who may use sweet words to convince you that old-style tile removal works. However, the truth is that getting tiles out of the floor or wall the normal way is time-consuming, noisy, and will leave your home looking like a mining site. The solution is to work with our Dustless Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ because we use specialized equipment during the tile removal process. We use Dustram System to ensure that your premises are squeaky clean upon the completion of our workmanship.


Using specialized equipment, the DustRam System, our technicians leave no debris or dust or contaminate the project area. The clean DustRam System combines powerful and advanced technology to protect you from health hazards brought about by tiny dust particles. Regardless of whether your premises have ceramic tile, saltillo, stone, thinset mortar, wood flooring, carpet, vinyl, glue, mastic, adhesive, coatings, or paint, the DustRam System has no equal.


Our Dustless Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ uses DustRam dust- free tile removal equipment because its mechanism specifically suits fast and ultra-clean flooring removal including Mexican, saltillo, stone, ceramic, cement board, and wood materials. The Dustram System has the following benefits: Dustram System removes tiles three times faster. The method is hundreds of times cleaner. The innovative technology eliminates any harmful particulates in the air. In each phase of Dustram System technology tile tear-out process, our staff delivers perfect results always. Unlike the flooring companies using floor scrappers and outdated tools, we leave absolutely no damage in your home. For all dustless tile removal, we never disappoint our clients.