Why Not DIY Tile Removal? Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal

Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal Experts

A new floor can significantly alter how a house appears. It’s a crucial element in the design of a building, and every room in your house uses it as a design element.

People choose to change their homes if the floors they already have don’t suit them or make them feel comfortable.

There is a lot to learn if you want to update the floors in your home. Kodiak Tile and Stone have compiled a quick overview guide of what it would take to remove tile floors. However, it isn’t easy, and we have many calls for Gold Canyon dustless tile removal where people get stuck halfway.


Remove Appliances and Fittings

A tile floor must first have everything on top of the tiles removed before you can remove breaking it up. If not, it’s possible that the demolition process will cause broken fixtures, appliances, or even ones that no longer fit as they used to.  

Turn off the water before removing sinks and toilets to prevent flooding.

After that, remove any water in the tank or bowl if you’re removing a toilet. Finally, remove the bolts, carefully raise the fixture, and store it until the new flooring has been installed someplace secure.

In some homes, there could be the need to remove baseboards before tearing up the floor if they were installed on top of the tiles.

It seems easy, yet if you take an entire weekend or longer to remove tiles, you may be without water or a toilet for that time. However, Kodiak can finish most jobs within a day.


Where To Start With Tile Floor Removal?

You need a starting point, and it’s best to start in one corner and work outward.

You’ll need complete safety gear: eyewear, gloves, knee pads, a face mask, long pants, and long sleeves. Throw away any damaged, chipped, or missing tiles as you go, and be careful with the harmful dust as it can lead to breathing issues.

Gold Canyon Dustless tile removal experts use machinery that sucks up dust. We keep this on the vehicle and dispose of it properly.


Repairing Subfloor Ready For New Floor

It is here that many individuals give up. Removing a thinset is more complicated than the tiles. Besides this, you can damage the subfloor since you don’t have the right tools.

Kodiak Tile and Stone can leave your floor in the best condition to receive your new floor. In addition, our experts are exceptionally good at installing floors, besides just dustless tile removal.

DIY tile removal and ensure the subfloor is immaculate before proceeding.

After removing tiles, it will appear impossible to get rid of the dust. Tile removal creates a lot of dust, which can take several days to settle, and getting rid of it all together could take a week or two. Kodiak leaves no traces as we use vacuums built into the tile chisels.


Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal Experts


Get Help To Remove Tile Floor With Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal Experts

Removing a floor is a challenging task. People might believe that it is a simple and quick process. Unfortunately, although it’s easy or quick, it’s not simple or enjoyable.

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