Our Dust Free tile removal process flattens the higher spots, while preserving the thinset in the lower spots.

There are many aspects to removing and installing new floors that most people don't think about. When removing your floors there will be lots of thinset left on the concrete. All this needs to be removed, flatten, and smoothed out before installing your new flooring. If this isn't done properly or done well it an create uneven floors, lips, or high spots on your new flooring.


Removing thinset from your concrete is a very messing and dusty process. If you do not remove it using a dustless system your house will be a huge mess. Everything will be covered in a layer of dust in every corner, nook, and cranny. This dust is also harmful to you, your family, and pets.This is why at kodiak we have the state of the art dust free thinset removal equipment. We also have highly trained crews that have extensive experience in removing your thinset dust free.


Our Dust Free Equipment Reduces Floor Preparation!

When your concrete was poured originally it had imperfections like high and low spots. Our dust free thinset removal process can actually correct this for you by grinding down the high spots and smoothing the concrete to level it.  


Affordable dust free thinset removal with Kodiak Tile and Stone. For professional dustless thinset removal call us at: (480) 506-6030