Why Dustless Tile Removal Is Popular. Scottsdale Tile Removal

As the name suggests, this method produces zero dust byproducts. If you choose dust-free removal, you won’t have to worry about a cloud of dust settling on your belongings.

Avoid the hassle and added expense of cleaning and repairing electronics and other household objects that may be impacted or damaged during the typical removal process. Instead, your home will look just as good as before. Our Kodiak Tile and Stone professionals use high-powered vacuums to collect dust and debris before they can spread throughout the house.


Affordable And Effective In Terms Of Cost

As was previously noted, conventional removal creates a mess that requires a significant amount of time and works to clean up afterward. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service may not save you any money compared to doing it yourself.

Thus, the common practice of tearing up the floor cannot yield the desired results. You may need to find other lodgings if the removal process takes a long period owing to significant renovations.

You’ll likely have to book a hotel because of this, which will increase your overall bill even more. If you choose dust-free tile removal, this is not the case.

Dust will not be an issue, and the job should take only a day to finish. So you can avoid spending extra money on house cleaning services, but doing so is cheaper.


No Health Risks Associated With Dust-Free Removal

Removing tiles from your home can increase the amount of silica-based particles in the air, increasing your risk of medical diseases, including silicosis.

Asthma and other allergic reactions can become much more severe if exposed. With dust-free tile removal, you can rest easy knowing that neither the homeowners nor the workers will be exposed to harmful conditions.


Dustless Tile Removal Is Efficient

Traditional methods may be accessible on the wallet but also inefficient. In addition, the delay of several days in completing the task can add to your current difficulties.

But dust-free removal makes the process go much more quickly. It’s been said that specialists may remove several hundred square feet of tiles daily using the dust-free tile removal procedure. As a result, they might cover half as much ground as they would with the old technique.


Slabs Stay Secure

It’s impossible to get a clean and precise result by dusting. In addition, traditional tile removal methods pose many challenges, including the high probability of tile chipping and the potential for slab damage.

This will cause additional costs as the contractor removes the tiles and prepping the space for the new tiles. Dust-free tile floor removal keeps slabs flat, simplifies installation, and eliminates the need for extensive repair work.


No Hidden Fees With Dust Free Tile Removal

As you can see, there are several extra expenses you’ll have to pay if you go the typical removal route, which doesn’t even consider potential hidden expenses.

Because of using destructive chipping tools and hammers, these inexpensive tile removal services can cause more harm than good. As a result, your floor will appear bad, and the distortion will also be noticeable.

It is possible that fixing these issues will cost more money than you currently have available. In addition, using dust-free means, you must worry about paying for your tile removal services.

Considering the advantages of dustless removal, you may wonder why you haven’t been using it every time you’ve needed tiles replaced.

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