What to Find In Gilbert, AZ Dust-Free Tile Removal Project

Dust-Free Tile Removal Contractors

If you’re planning a tile removal project in Gilbert, AZ, you may be interested in learning more about dust-free tile removal. This tile removal method uses specialized equipment to capture and contain dust and debris, making the process safer and more efficient.

Here, we’ll explore what you can expect during a dust-free tile removal project with Kodiak Tile and Stone.


Consultation and Planning

Before any work begins, our team will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your project goals and requirements. We’ll assess the project’s scope and determine the best action for your needs. This includes evaluating the type of tile, the substrate, and any potential challenges that may arise during the project.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of professional dustless tile removal in Gilbert, AZ, contact Kodiak Tile and Stone today. Our friendly and professional team is prepared to help you.



Once the project plan has been established, we’ll begin preparing the work area. This includes covering nearby surfaces and furniture to protect them from dust and debris, and setting up equipment to capture and contain dust and debris during the project.


Tile Removal

Using specialized equipment, our team will begin the tile removal process. This equipment captures and contain dust and debris, minimizing the amount of particulate matter in the air and making the process safer for everyone involved.


Cleanup and Disposal

Once the tile removal process is complete, our team will begin cleanup and disposal. All dust and debris will be carefully contained and properly disposed of, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly project.

Not only is dustless tile removal better for the environment and your health, but it can also save you time and money. With traditional tile removal methods, deal with an extensive cleanup process, which can take significant time and add to the project’s overall cost.


Dust-Free Tile Removal Contractors

Where To Find Dust-Free Tile Removal Contractors

After cleanup and disposal, our team will inspect to ensure that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Our dustless tile removal method is safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. If you need tile removal services in Gilbert, AZ, look no further than Kodiak Tile and Stone.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the benefits of dustless tile removal for yourself.

Let us help you make your flooring removal process easy, efficient, and clean.

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