Top Reasons to Choose Scottsdale, AZ Dustless Tile Removal



You have a lot of choices when selecting a floor removal company. Kodiak Tile and Stone are the premier selection for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective tile removal.

We make the best possible case for dustless tile removal as there is next to zero dust in the air without a dustless tile removal system. You will also have the cleanest surface to begin your next flooring project.

Carry on reading to see why you can benefit from the best Scottsdale dustless tile removal company.


No Dust with Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal Company

A small area of your kitchen or bathroom tiled area can produce nearly a pound of hazardous dust. With an established company, this will spread around your home to be breathed in.

Many companies settle for plastic sheeting and tape. However, these methods don’t contain the amounts of dust created by a floor removal operation. Our suction machines use HEPA certified air filters to catch all the dust before it can spread.


Dust-free Tile Removal is Fast

Using Kodiak Tile and Stone for your tile removal project means your task will be carried out fast and efficiently.

Removing old flooring is what we specialize in. We have been around for decades learning our craft and obtaining the best equipment.


Kodiak Skilled Floor Removal Operatives

Our crew of insured and highly skilled experts is trained to meet the toughest quality standards and committed to customer satisfaction.

Hiring the best professionals in the business is our top priority. We put the customer first, and our crew treats your home with the care and respect it deserves. Our professional crew uses the best machinery to make sure they do the job safer and cleaner.


No Damage from Pro Tile Removal Company in Scottsdale, AZ

No one knows what’s under the floor until you dig. Taking care of your home or business is among the top priorities, caring for family or employees.

Each member of our team has been trained carefully trained to make sure they protect any furniture or fittings and other areas of floors not being removed.



No Cleaning With Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal

The fast and efficient Kodiak removal system leaves your home as clean as it possibly can be after removing all your tiles.

While we make sure to partition areas with plastic, this is a precaution rather than the only means of dust control. Out high-power vacuums get rid of most dust and leave just a smattering to deal with easily.

Now, you, too, can have the same high-quality tile removal service without the hassle of dust in your home.

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