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Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

Don’t put off removing tile flooring if you recently moved into a home with tile flooring or if you believe it’s time to remove tile flooring; you installed yourself. While tile flooring can survive for decades with proper maintenance, replacing it with new flooring is not impossible. The benefits of changing tiling are many.

Here are five reasons why calling a Gilbert tile removal company is a good idea.


Tiles Are Cracked or Broken: Use Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal

While tile flooring may endure much abuse, it can also chip or crack with time. This can happen if something heavy or pointy falls on it.

It likely cracked when being installed. Even something as basic as the house shifting over time can enough pressure the tile to shatter it.

Dustless tile removal is necessary, as your health can be jeopardized if your tile is chipped or fractured. If you step on sharp corners, you can cut yourself, yet the dust given off by ceramic tile can lead to cancer.

You can see why dustless tile removal in Gilbert is a popular choice.


Grout Has Broken Down or Changed Color

Grout is an essential part of the tile installation process. However, while it may look fantastic next to stone tile or other types of tile, the grout may show signs of wear with time.

Grout collects dirt and grime when not sealed, or the sealant breaks down. Cleaning isn’t straightforward as all the old grout needs removing.

Cleaning grout is challenging and takes a long time. As a result, few people clean to this extent and decide to go for a new floor altogether.

Kodiak Tile and Stone provide the best dustless tile removal and installation for floors, worktops, and bathrooms. We can carry out dustless tile removal and install new floors faster than you could clean all your grout by getting on your hands and knees.


Use Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Professionals For a New Look

Ceramic tiling is popular for several reasons, including its appealing aesthetic. Natural stone, for example, can create virtually timeless flooring. Tile is subject to flooring trends. So, if you want to sell your house, make sure the tile you have in it is in keeping with current interior design trends.

If it doesn’t, you might not make the impression you want on potential clients. Many folks are turned off by old tile and will buy on the home. This is especially true if the item appears to be old or unclean. They won’t want to replace the tile, so do it before you show the house.

Another reason to replace your old tile is sanitary concerns. You don’t want to keep the same carpet in your house for more than a decade, and you don’t want to maintain the same carpet for more than a decade, either.

Even if you regularly clean and disinfect your tiles, some germs and poisons will remain on them. This is especially true in areas with a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.


Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

Get Help From Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

Replacing flooring over time is the best way to update your home and keep it clean. You can gain all the benefits, such as clean air and fewer allergens.

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