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Tile or engineered wood? You’re contemplating a new floor, and you finally have narrowed your options down to the best for yourself and your family. Ceramic tile, or hardwood? How is the average homeowner to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the tried-and-true flooring options?

When weighing up the options, you’ll need the help of a Chandler floor removal company to help you get the best surface for your new floor possible.


Ceramic Tile is Nice But Has Issues

Ceramic tile is like a primal stone floor. This design option is ideal for high-traffic areas with well-lit display areas. However, the homeowner must make some prior options before installing this flooring option.

Ceramic tile is made from various clay and is prone to breaking. Minimizing future damage is best accomplished by exercising great caution during installation. Kodiak, a Chandler floor removal company, can help with subfloor integrity and professional tile installation. Also, to be successful, you must seal the grout between each grout with a sand-based grout.

Installing a new ceramic tile floor means you, the homeowner, must keep the tile looking fresh. This can prevent scratches, which may damage the glaze on the tiles to be revealed.

Ensuring the tiles remain clean will reduce this hazard, along with using chair-pad and coaster stoppers. Ceramic tile is a wonderful choice for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, as it lasts for many years.


Hardwood Floors are Nice, Yet Not as Cool

Wood floors come in solid or engineered planks. The two types differ distinctly. Wood sub-floors are required for wood floors as planks need to be nailed down during installation. Solid wood floors should not be used in humid areas. Too much humidity can lead to serious warping issues, and then you’re right back where you started.

Engineered planks can be tricky for the average homeowner. Different installation options exist for engineered planks: glue-down, staple-down, or floating. Wood floors are versatile and can even be installed on concrete subfloors; a Chandler floor removal company can help get the perfect subfloor finish and install the wooden floor as well.

Traditional wooden floors are less dimensionally stable and therefore warp more easily. Finally, engineered wood floors are cheaper than both conventional hardwood floors and ceramic tile.

Even if you choose to have an engineered floor, you still need a level sub-floor and proper preparation. As well, wood floors are not recommended for damp or humid areas. However, some pre-finished engineered flooring options perform well in kitchens if rugs are placed to avoid spills.


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