Struggling With Chandler Tile Removal and Making Dust?

Struggling With Chandler Tile Removal and Making Dust?

It's challenging to remove tile, especially regarding thinset, a common adhesive for tile flooring.

Thinset is hard to remove because it binds the tile to the subfloor, making it challenging to pry it loose. However, with the help of professional tile removals experts like Kodiak Tile and Stone in Chandler, AZ, the process can be made much more accessible and dustless.

This article will cover the difficulties with taking out thinset and the significance of dustless tile removal.


The Challenges of Thinset Removal:

For the installation of tile flooring over concrete or plywood subfloors, a strong adhesive called thinset is employed. The thin set can make it challenging to remove the tile when the time comes. A floor-scraping tool is typically used to clear this.

For bigger areas, it is advised to use a motorized scraper you drag behind you; for smaller ones, a hand-held scraper with a sharp blade will do. However, the presence of thinset on toilets and other fixtures makes removal even more challenging.


The Importance of Dustless Tile Removal:

Tile removal can produce a lot of dust, which is bad for your health. Inhaling the dust produced by removing tiles can cause lung cancer, pneumonia, and other respiratory conditions. Allergies and asthma are two ailments that dust can make worse.

Hiring a reputable tile removal business like Kodiak Tile and Stone is vital because they employ innovative tools like HEPA vacuums and dust barriers to trap and remove as much dust as possible.

They take measures to prevent the exposure of your family and house to dust, including enclosing the work area and using air purifiers.


Struggling With Chandler Tile Removal and Making Dust?

The Benefits of Dustless Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ:

Regarding tile removal, you can rely on Kodiak Tile and Stone. They have the skills and knowledge necessary to efficiently remove tile, thinset, and other types of flooring creating no dust.

This keeps your health safe and guarantees your renovation project will be finished on schedule. Many additional types of flooring and subfloors, as well as thousands of residential floor tiles, have all been removed by Kodiak Tile and Stone.

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If you're planning a tile removal project in Chandler, AZ, trust Kodiak Tile and Stone to make the process easy and dustless.

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