Scottsdale Tile Removal. Dust Free Tile Removal Compared

Kodiak is the absolute dust-free tile removal master in the Scottsdale region. The removal of flooring is usually a nuisance. The flooring you are removing can cause a slew of headaches.

The job of removing the flooring can be far more complicated than it has to be if you don’t have the right approach, tools, and skills.

When you hire Kodiak Tile and Stones, your Scottsdale flooring removal professionals, you will have no headaches and that the job will be done correctly.

We offer a one-of-a-kind procedure called Dustless Tile Removal, which is a recent flooring removal breakthrough. It allows us to work with less mess and improves everyone’s safety.


Traditional Tile Removal with Kodiak Tile and Stone

When tile flooring is cracked, scraped, hauled off, and disposed of traditionally, tremendous amounts of dust are produced. All of this dust quickly spreads throughout your home, onto your carpets, furniture, clothes, and pets, and can recirculate eternally if sucked into your ductwork.

When this dust enters your respiratory system, it contains silica particles, which are exceedingly dangerous to your health and can cause life-threatening illnesses. It also leaves a massive mess to clean up when the removal and installation are finished.

Attempting to clean this by yourself can take days to dust every surface in your home, vacuum every inch of flooring, wash linens, clean furniture, and clean ductwork. On the other side, because of the extent of the cleaning work required, hiring someone to clean your home after this project is quite costly. Avoiding traditional tile removal is the best option.


Scottsdale Tile Removal Experts Do Dust-Free

The tools used in dustless tile removal differ from those used in traditional tile removal. Rather than using tools that create dust, we employ tools that gather dust before it reaches the open air and removes it with high-powered vacuums as quickly as possible.

Each tool is equipped with vacuum tubes that suck dust particles from your home and deposit them in our disposal bins. We run these hoses through the cracks in your windows and seal around them to keep the air inside your home clean and at the temperature you want.

The post-project clean-up is minimal, your health is safeguarded, and your flooring is flawlessly removed with this innovative process. For flooring removal, the decision is apparent. The cost of dustless tile removal is justified, and the result is superior.


Where To Find Scottsdale Tile Removal Experts

Kodiak Tile and Stone, your Scottsdale flooring removal company, is the one to call for any flooring removal or installation projects.

Do not insist on saving a few dollars just to be duped into believing you can clean up the dust when the project is completed. We can spare you the aggravation of a challenging task and the cost of clean-up. We are excited to restore the beauty of your floors.

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