Scottsdale Tile Floor Removal. Average Lifespan of Flooring

Scottsdale Tile Floor Removal

It’s natural for your flooring to age. However, maybe you installed flooring years ago or inherited an older home with the flooring you didn’t choose, so how do you know when to replace it?

No matter what flooring type you have, you best use Kodiak Tile and Stone experts to remove your old floor with no dust when you need a new one.


What Determines Floor Longevity

Aside from apparent stains and damage, your floor’s material determines its lifespan. Every material has a different lifespan. However, the material used is only one predictor of floor longevity. Other factors:


  • Material quality
  • If your flooring was placed correctly
  • The quantity of foot movement on your floor
  • If you consistently maintain it



Common Flooring Materials Lifespan

Materials’ longevity can’t be foreseen. Instead, each type of flooring has a lifespan range. Your floor will last longer if properly maintained and protected from damage.



However, the glossy shine of natural wood flooring fades over life. Faded after around 25 years. The right hardwood flooring can last 100 years.

Any high humidity and moisture levels in Scottsdale cause hardwood floors to decay faster than in other parts of the country. Hardwood flooring must also be replaced if the boards shift or move. Incorrect installation causes this.



These floors appear like natural wood without the expensive cost.

Laminate flooring can endure 15 to 25 years, depending on the conditions listed above, and these “floating floors” are cheaper but require more replacement than natural hardwood.



Vinyl is another low-cost flooring choice. Vinyl floors can last 10-20 years. Though vinyl has a shorter lifespan than traditional materials like hardwood and tile, it is incredibly sturdy and resilient. A plus in our humid state is that vinyl flooring won’t warp.



With attentive care, tile can last 50 years. Glazed tile lasts as they are better protected from daily wear in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Tiles require more maintenance because broken tiles must be replaced. One damaged tile ruins the entire floor’s appearance. It’s preferable to buy 10% extra tile than you need for installation, so you have spares in case of chipping or breakage.

Removal means there will be cancer-causing dust in your home. Kodiak can remove tile without the risks.



Carpet is a popular flooring point due to its low cost and plush feel. In addition, carpets can endure anywhere from 5 to 25 years, depending on location and care.

It will show fraying and a dismal appearance depending on the carpet’s quality when it is ultimately time to let go.

Carpet withstands a lot of abuse. The pad beneath will display the damage. Regular cleaning and vacuuming will extend the life of your carpet. Only pets require carpet replacement sooner.


Scottsdale Tile Floor Removal

Time For A New Floor? Kodiak Tile & Stone Are The Ones To Help

Kodiak Tile and Stone are the region’s best for removal and installation. We remove your worn-out floor and carefully remove the top layer of your flooring and components down to the subfloor. This ensures a smooth surface for your new flooring.

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