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Dustless Tile Removal

You have a lot of options with selecting a floor removal firm. However, Kodiak Tile and Stone is the best option for efficient, safe, and cost-effective dust-free tile removal.

Because our tile removal campaigns produce little to no dust, we make fantastic dustless tile removal scenarios. In addition, your floors will be immaculate and ready for your next flooring renovation.

Continue reading to learn how the best dustless dust-free tile removal company in Queen Creek, Arizona, can assist you.


Queen Creek Dust-free Tile Removal Professionals

Only a tiny portion of the tiled surface in your kitchen or bathroom can store roughly a pound of dangerous dust. As a result, dust will scatter throughout the house and be inhaled if a company does not use dust extraction processes.

Many companies utilize plastic sheeting and glue when removing floors. These figures do not account for the dust produced by a floor removal process.

Our suction machines use HEPA-certified air filters to trap the dust until it spreads.


Kodiak Skilled Dustless Floor Removal

When you use Kodiak Tile and Stone to remove your tiles, you can expect the job to be done quickly and efficiently. We specialize in removing and replacing worn-out flooring. We've been in business for decades, honing our craft and ensuring that all of the most sensitive equipment is kept dust-free.

Our highly experienced and insured personnel is trained and dedicated to client loyalty to meet the most stringent quality criteria. Our primary goal is to hire the best professionals in the industry.

Our team puts the customer first, and your home gets the care and attention it deserves. Our highly trained team uses cutting-edge technologies to make the process more comfortable and efficient.


Dustless Tile Removal

Where To Find Dustless Tile Removal in Queen Creek?

The pleasant and successful Kodiak removal procedure leaves your home as clean as it can be after removing all your tiles.

This is more of a precaution than the only dust containment method, but we ensure that the plastic divides zones. Then, all dust is removed by our strong vacuums, leaving only a smattering to deal with comfortably.

You may now have the same high-quality dust-free tile removal without bringing dust into your house.

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