Mesa Tile Removal. Advantages of Kodiak Tile Removal

Advantages of Kodiak Tile Removal


Specialists often do tile removal. Removing the tiles in the old-fashioned way is not the most efficient method.

Tiles create a lot of dust when removed from the traditional method. Since this is the case, post-procedure cleanup might be challenging.

Those who already suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies are likely to have a difficult time because of the particles in the air.

The Kodiak Tile and Stone dust collecting device, however, means that tile demolition need not generate excessive dust.


Kodiak Tile And Stone’s Dust Collection System Is Superior

Dust-free tile removal is now possible with the help of the Kodiak Tile and Stone dust collection system.

A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter traps dust during demolition. This process removes dust and other airborne particles, leaving a cleaner and smoother surface. Other benefits of the Tile Buster System include:


Reduced Time Required for Dust-Free Tile Disposal

The Kodiak Tile and Stone dust collection System combines high-velocity electrical chiseling to remove tiles and the industrial-grade HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Using these two instruments together, you can remove old tiles quickly and easily, covering 600 square feet in a single day. This allows you to retile multiple rooms rapidly.


Protects Your House Better

Thanks to the Kodiak Tile and Stone collecting system, there will be no dust in the house so everyone can breathe easily.

Those who suffer from asthma or allergies will feel less discomfort, and those who are otherwise healthy won’t catch any respiratory or skin ailments. The less dust there is on your electronic devices, the longer they will last without breaking.


Economical Option

To ensure that the removal of the tiles does not spiral out of control, Kodiak Tile and Stone have invested in a dust collection device capable of collecting 99.97 percent of the dust produced. Cleaning crews won’t be needed after the procedure because there won’t be much trash and debris to pick up.


Advantages of Kodiak Tile Removal


Get Help From Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

If you want to locate a firm that removes tiles and also does this, use Kodiak Tile and Stone’s dustless tile removal service rather than the typical tile removal method. If you do this, your property will be left in a better, safer, and more reasonable condition.

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