Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Why Is Tile Removal Harmful

Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Why Is Tile Removal Harmful?

Even though silica dust appears to be harmless, it should be avoided at all costs. Silicosis is a persistent, life-threatening lung condition caused by silica particles scarring the lungs, commonly caused by cracked floor tiles.

The embedded silica particles in your lungs develop nodules and scar tissue in your lungs.

Inhaling crystalline silica might cause serious health problems. Silicosis, lung cancer, TB, and other terrible diseases are examples.

Inhaling this form of dust has also been linked to kidney illness. Our article explains what silica dust is and why Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Contractors should remove your flooring.


Dustless Tile Removal Experts in Mesa

When using power floor removal tools to remove tiles, large amounts of fine silica dust are released into the environment. A pound of sediment can be made from just one square foot of floor space. Because the substance is so delicate, it can be discovered on walls, floors, air conditioner vents, and within cupboards.

Compared to power equipment, employing floor clearance hand tools can reduce dust particles by a little. However, there is a significant time and labor expense. Simple hand tools will not produce a smooth floor, but powerful tools will in a fraction of the time and significantly less effort.


How Mesa Tile Removal Experts Make Tile Removal Dustless  

  1. We’ve seen plastic sheeting and tape used as a dust barrier, and it doesn’t help the room you’re in, and the dust will eventually spread to other sections of your house.
  2. Wet Grinding & Chipping: In some places, only wet grinding and wet chipping are allowed. Although this reduces dust, the water used for wet grinding and chipping for tile removal creates a giant, sloppy mess that no one likes to deal with.
  3. Vacuum cleaners for dust: Vacuum cleaners are effective at collecting dust, but they have limitations. Vacuum cleaners intended for residential usage were never built to handle such huge amounts of dust, for starters. Dust can fly out of machine vents because of clogged vacuums, causing the engine to burn out. The most important thing is to make sure the vacuum nozzle is pointing in the right direction.


Stop Dusty Tile Removal in Mesa With Dust Free Tile Removal

You could consider how to get rid of dust. A skilled dust-free tile removal company can only provide a suitable solution.

Our dustless tile removal service uses professional solid dust collecting vacuums to remove all dust from your home while it is being built.

Almost all our floor-removal equipment features vacuum openings to keep dust particles from blowing around. Our specialists finish their work promptly, resulting in a happier family and more efficient task completion.

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