Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Old Floor Removal

Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Old Floor Removal

Getting rid of an old floor might be a painstaking process. It generates enormous dust clouds that might be dangerous. So, they began to call Kodiak since they were removing tiles on their own and could no longer cope. The most prevalent explanations involve coughing and an inability to tolerate dust in the home.

The homeowners try to remove the floor, but they cannot do it quickly and give up. Tiles can be ripped off, but the thinset will be impossible to remove if they’re unlucky. Most homeowners don’t realize that this is more complicated than simply putting in new tiles.

Allow our dustless tile removal specialists in Mesa, AZ, to handle any tile or other flooring removal for you to focus on your family’s safety.


Experts Use Dust-Free Floor Removal to Minimize Wood Dust

Removing engineered wood floors that have been bonded to concrete can be a laborious and painful process. In addition, it looks like the adhesive is difficult to remove. Bonded wood is more difficult to remove than tiles because of this. However, because of the limited amount of adhesive that may be used, laying the floor can be a relatively straightforward do-it-yourself activity.

Ten square feet each hour is a reasonable expectation. Engineered wood flooring installation could take twice as long if left to the professionals. Kodiak can complete most of the work in each room in a single day. The dustless tile removal gadgets suitable for removing wood are safe for your home. When you’re finished, your floors will feel just like the new flooring waiting for you.


Use Power Washer and Grinder for Bumpy Surfaces

Those who’ve used chemical strippers to remove sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces know how inconvenient and hazardous the process can be, not to mention the health threats.

One of the worst things a dustless tile removal crew can do is to use this method to remove the tiles. Both treatments work, but mechanical floor treatment is the preferred alternative, despite the noise and dust it generates (which Kodiak manages). Some chemical strippers can be both harmful and inconvenient.

Our dustless technology ensures the safety of the floors for you and your family. A new installation on a smooth concrete surface will do the trick despite the disruption.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. Old Floor Removal

Where to Find Old Floor Removal Experts in Mesa AZ

We specialize in dust-free floor removal, and we treat your home and family with the utmost respect. However, you’ll need a flooring removal company with the expertise and experience to remove floorboards safely. While we use classic methods, we’ve also integrated the most up-to-date techniques to keep your home free of dust before it becomes an issue.

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