Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. How to Fix Tile Cracking

Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. How to Fix Tile Cracking

Tile flooring is a beautiful and durable option for your home. However, you may wonder why your sturdy flooring is cracking. To remedy the problem, you must first understand the cause, and then you can contact Mesa Dustless tile removal to help.


Why A Tile Floor Cracks? 

With good care, your tile floor can endure over half a century (50 years), but it is subject to damage from above and below.

Here are some of the common causes of tile floor cracking.

  • Sharp Blows from Heavy Items.
  • Kitchen tile cracks are common because of huge appliances used to cook, clean, and store food.
  • Refrigerators and dishwashers are heavy, yet tile bears weight because of its four-corner distribution.
  • When moving appliances, you risk damaging your tile flooring. These drops cause substantial tile damage, including cracks and deep chips. Ensure a professional removes or installs your appliances.


Underneath Cracking of Concrete

Invisible risk lurks beneath your tiling. Concrete settles and cracks naturally along control joints, which are in place to control concrete cracking.

It is unavoidable to stop cracking tiles sitting across the tops of these joints rather than in line with them.


Concrete Cure Time Was Too Short

A concrete base is employed. It includes a lot of water when poured. Water evaporates as this concrete “cure” or remains undisturbed.

Concrete shrinks as it dries and water evaporates. Therefore, a gap will form if tile flooring is laid while concrete is still evaporating. In addition, moveable tiles increase the risk of cracking.

Poor Installation

Tile can tolerate moisture and daily wear and tear. However, adequately laid tile will suit you well.

Poor grouting, sealing, and installation can lead to flooring problems. In addition, it won’t last as long, and you’ll notice chips and cracks sooner.

Cracking Tile Repair With Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Experts

So, you have chipped and fractured tiles. The following actions depend on the number of damaged tiles and if the issue is structural or cosmetic.

If you have a few cracked tiles, replacing them is a straightforward task for experts, such as those from Kodiak Tile and Stone.

If you were installing the floor, you should have an excess as the recommendation is to buy 10% more tiles than you need. It also helps when your tiles are discontinued or hard to find. You may replace the damaged tiles with new ones.

If most tiles are cracked, fixing the issue is more extensive. So, it’s time to start over, and it’s here that you see the benefits of using Mesa dustless tile removal.


Mesa Dustless Tile Removal. How to Fix Tile Cracking

Where To Get Help With Tile Repair Or Mesa Dustless Tile Removal?

When you’re ready to say goodbye to your broken and chipped tile flooring, you need expert help.

If you wish to learn how you can benefit, Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone or fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

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