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Is it Expensive to Remove Tile Floors is often asked, yet when you see the effort to remove them, the costs are justified.

It is time-consuming, but it also produces large amounts of dust, which can be hazardous.

Families who cough and can no longer tolerate the dust in their homes are among the most common reasons for professional floor removal. DIYers cannot remove the floor as quickly as they had hoped, forcing them to abandon the project. 

It is recommended to keep your family safe and let our Gilbert, AZ, tile removal specialists take care of any tile and other floorings that you need to remove.


Remove All Flooring with Gilbert Pros

Tearing up tile floors that are bound directly to concrete can be very painful and time-consuming. If you look at engineered flooring, it’s impossible to get rid of the adhesive. As a result, glued wood can be more expensive to remove than tiles.

If there wasn’t much adhesive used, it could be simple for a DIY project. However, if the floor were glued correctly, you could find it takes double the time.

In a day, Kodiak can complete most tasks, and on top of this, your home is safe with dustless tile removal machines ripping up any floor and eliminating harmful dust. Your floors are as smooth as your new flooring, which is waiting for you.


Remove Floor Coatings in Gilbert

Anyone who has removed sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces with chemical strippers knows how inconvenient it can be, not to mention the health risks.

This is one of the most challenging tasks a professional tile removal team can take on. Physical or chemical removal work, although physical, is favored for floor treatment, even though it produces a lot of noise and dust (which we can control). Some chemical strippers are both unhealthy and inconvenient.

We take care of the floors with our dustless equipment, ensuring that you and your family are clean. A smooth concrete slab ready for a new installation will finish you off, despite the noise.


How to Find Gilbert Floor Removal Company

Our expertise is dust-free floor removal, and we take the utmost care of your home and family. You’ll need flooring removal companies with skills and experience to remove any tiles safely.

We may use traditional methods, but the most recent approach has been implemented to ensure that dust is removed from your home before it becomes a problem. Costs can vary, yet they are affordable, and it would be wrong to give a price before surveying any work.

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