Is Thinset Dust Toxic? Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal


Crystalline Silica is a mineral found in considerable quantities in the earth’s crust. It has been used as a key component of concrete, sand, stone, grout, and more. You will find it most commonly in quartz.

One of the major areas you may recognize this is in the small pouches labeled “Silica” in bottles or packages to keep the contents dry. You may also spot the warning not to eat it. Crystalline silica dust is released into the air during the traditional removal of tile and thinset.

According to experts, crystalline silica is classed as a human lung carcinogen, or more simply, something causing cancer. Because of this, if you consider tile removal in your home, you need Gold Canyon dustless tile removal company.


Careful Thinset Removal with Gold Canyon Pros

The hard part is always the removal of thinset after tiles for two reasons have been removed. It is stuck to the ground and contains dangerous dust.

You can find two ways of striping thinset under your tiles. It can be scraped or grounded. In using the scraping process, a power tool is usually needed as few people have the capacity and the energy to take away the thinset.


Gold Canyon Pros Scrape Thinset from Floors

A Jack Hammer with a chisel and long blades can be the easiest way to chip away at thinset.

However, if the thinset binds too tight on the concrete, a diamond grinder is the better alternative. It is here where silica dust enters the air.

You can wet the floor to prevent dust, although you need to make sure the water is wet for 24 hours before trying and clearing it up. Professional dust-free removal experts soak up the time water is finished.

There are special wet grinders for this task, although you may not have a subfloor that can remain wet for extended periods. Besides this, it adds days to the removal process before a new tile can be added.

The other way to treat thinned dust is to work with a vacuum. There are vacuum attachments for both electrical sanding hammers and grinders. Still, Kodiak Tile and Stone a Gold Canyon dust-free removal company have machines to make your job dust-free.


Finding Professional Thinset Removal Pros in Gold Canyon

If you scraped your thinset, there would still be some rubble to brush away when you’re done. Because you must grip the tool and apply steady pressure to the work area, using a chipping hammer is more physically demanding than using a grinder.

If you want to remove your thinset as quickly as possible, use a dust-free removal machine grinder, which allows you to work and clean simultaneously with the least amount of physical effort.

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