Is My Home Safe from Harmful Dust? Chandler Tile Removal

Is My Home Safe from Harmful Dust? For everyone involved, including your animals, tile removal can be a dangerous process. We want to make sure you understand what tile removal entails, the dangers involved, and how to protect your family from possibly hazardous dust or bodily harm.

While pests and viruses are practically impossible to avoid, you may help take care of your family by controlling the environment you live in. Here you can learn why you need Chandler dust-free tile removal experts to deal with removing any old floor.


Dust Dangers of Tile Removal

Traditional tile removal generates a lot of dust, which contains crystalline silica, a dangerous material that causes tears in the lungs. After the job is over, the dust cannot easily be vacuumed up. It travels fast throughout your home, settling in carpets, linens, and furniture before being recirculated through your HVAC system.

Tile dust is hazardous to everyone involved in the removal process, as well as your pets. Animals are more likely than people to be exposed to this dust since they are continually in contact with the fibers of your carpets and furniture.


Chandler Dust Free Tile Removal Solves the Problem

Dustless tile removal does not eliminate dust creation; instead, it catches dust as soon as it occurs. This keeps dust out of places other than the super suction vacuums that come with our specialty instruments. It protects our employees, clients, and their pets from safety.

Our tile removal technicians are highly trained to deliver a faultless finish while minimizing post-project clean-up with our dustless tile removal instruments. Our vacuum hoses are even routed through sealed windows to keep dust and debris contained within our disposal systems, reducing clean-up time.


What Floor Should I Have?

The installation process can begin after the flooring has been removed. When selecting a new floor to replace your old one, you have many options, but some are far superior to others. We strongly advise pet owners to choose laminate flooring over hardwood since it is more durable and can handle all forms of animal wear and tear.

Hardwood floors are more likely to be scratched, damaged, and worn than laminate floors, even if they show the same level of wear. Laminate flooring is more slippery for pets with longer nails, so we recommend frequent nail trims and rugs in areas where your pet may need additional grip.

Where Is My Chandler Dust-free Tile Removal Expert?

We provide a high-quality product, good customer service, and a product that is both stylish and lasting, so protecting your family, including your animal family, is one of our top concerns.

Kodiak Tile and Stone, a tile removal company in Chandler, understands the ins and outs of tile removal and how to best serve and protect your family from dangerous dust particles. We guarantee complete pleasure as well as a finished product that will withstand the test of time.

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