How To Avoid Tile Dust Dangers. Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Avoid Tile Dust with Kodiak Tile and Stone

It should be no surprise that any home improvement project carries several dangers. However, the release of tile dust into the air is a significant concern associated with floor installations that most people don’t consider.

The little remains of many materials that have been broken down now makeup dust.

 On or below any surface, it can collect everywhere. Even the destruction of sturdy materials like tile can produce it.

Most people consider dust to be an annoying but harmless substance. However, persistent exposure to tile dust can cause various health problems. See why you should use Mesa dustless tile removal to safeguard your home and family.


Under Tile Bacteria and Fungi

Even the cleanest home has some level of fungi and germs. According to estimates, there are 7,000 different varieties of bacteria and 2,000 different fungi that can be found in the dust of an ordinary American home.

 Any bacteria or fungi trapped beneath the tiles during renovation operations may be discharged into the air and the tile dust when the flooring is removed.


Harmful Tile Compounds

According to the chemicals in tile dust, dust is a collection of waste particles. Unfortunately, many people do not consider the potentially harmful substances that dust, particularly tile dust, can harbor.

Dust particles can make a wide range of compounds, and your risk of having specific health problems rises after repeated exposure. This is especially true of crystalline silica-containing tile dust.


Crystalline Silica Dust Dangers 

A substance known as crystalline silica is included in several widely used construction materials. Most soils, sands, and similar minerals that are compressed and used to make building and flooring materials contain this as a fundamental component.

 These materials include, among others,

  • Bricks
  • Glass
  • Marbles
  • Masonry Mortars
  • Quartz
  • Stone


When replacing flooring, the tile is broken up and taken out. This procedure can potentially reduce crystalline silica to minute particles, which are then discharged into the air as what is effectively tile dust.

And this release of crystalline silica tile dust during renovations is now more frequent than ever because of the rising popularity of polished concrete and tile flooring. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), inhaling crystalline silica particles can cause several health problems.

The official classification of crystalline silica as a lung carcinogen shows that prolonged exposure to this tile dust can cause severe lung issues. Crystalline silica dust can cause significant harm to the lungs because it is essentially just minute pieces of tile. This comprises, but is not restricted to:

Silicosis is potentially lethal and has no known cure, whereas most illnesses can be managed with medication.

Thankfully, there is minimal possibility that breathing in tile dust will cause you to develop any health problems when using Kodiak Tile and Stone, although our staff never take this for granted and take every precaution to minimize dust.


Occupational Asthma

Dust allergies can irritate the nose, throat, and eyes. In addition, long-term tile dust exposure worsens symptoms tenfold.

Nose, throat, and ocular inflammation are prevalent. In addition, inhaling crystalline silica tile dust can cause “occupational asthma.” According to experts, occupational asthma affects 15% of construction workers and DIYers.


Avoid Tile Dust with Kodiak Tile and Stone 

Avoid Tile Dust with Kodiak Tile and Stone.

During renovations, avoid inhaling tile dust. You can’t escape tile dust if you remove your own tile, hardwood, or carpet. Dust-free floor clearance is crucial. Kodiak Tile and Stone will complete your job without tile dust. Our staff uses modern flooring equipment to ensure floors are installed safely, quickly, and without dust.

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