How Do You Remove Tile Without Dust? Scottsdale Tile Removal

How do you remove tile without dust? With your chisel, pry a section of the tile loose. With the hammer, tap the chisel further under the edge of the tile piece in question. Start at the center and work your way out, tapping and prying as you go until you’ve removed all the tile pieces.

This way, it can take days and result in a lot of clutter and worry. Keep your family safe by allowing our Scottsdale, AZ, tile removal pros to handle any tile or other flooring that needs to be removed.


Remove Any Floor with Dust-Free Tile Removal Expert

Tearing up engineered wood floors that are bonded directly to concrete can be highly unpleasant and time-consuming. It isn’t easy to get rid of the adhesive. As a result, bonded wood can be more expensive to remove than tiles.

Because not enough adhesive can be used, it can be simple if the floor is a DIY project. You could anticipate being lifted by roughly 10 square feet per hour. It might take twice as long if a professional floor installer installed the engineered wood flooring.

In a day, Kodiak will do most of the tasks in each room. Furthermore, your home will be safe with the dustless tile removal devices ideal for wood removal. Your floors are as smooth as your new flooring, which is waiting for you.


Get Rid of Unsightly Stains with Scottsdale Tile Removal

Anyone who has ever stripped sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces with chemical strippers knows how inconvenient it can be, not to mention the health dangers.

This is one of the most challenging projects a competent tile removal crew can take on.

You can use chemical strippers to remove coatings, or you can use mechanical methods that entail our industrial grinders or sanding machines, as well as our dust-free tile removal equipment and techniques.

Both techniques work, and the mechanical approach is the preferable method for floor treatment, even though it produces a lot of noise and dust (which we can regulate). Some chemical strippers are both unhealthy and inconvenient.

We keep you and your family safe by dealing with the floors with our dustless equipment. A smooth concrete slab ready for a new installation will finish you up, despite the noise.


Where is My Scottsdale Floor Removal Company

Kodiak’s dust-free floor removal service allows us to provide the best possible care for your home and family. You’ll need flooring removal companies with competence and experience to remove any floors safely.

We may utilize traditional methods, but the most recent strategy has been implemented to ensure that dust is removed from your home before it occurs.

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