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Dust-Free Floor Removal Experts in Gold Canyon

Tile removal is not a simple process. Besides being labor intensive, it also produces large, potentially dangerous dust clouds. People who started removing tiles independently and then stopped contacting Kodiak call us every week.

These are the primary justifications behind this. Because of the dust, families cough and find it challenging to breathe in their houses. They attempt to remove flooring but cannot do it as soon as expected, giving up on the task.

Homeowners try to remove thin-set, but they cannot do so mainly because thin-set is more challenging to remove than tiles when they first start.

You are advised to keep your family secured and delegate tile removal and other flooring removal tasks to our Gold Canyon, Arizona, tile removal experts.


Experts in floor removal are needed for wooden floors.

Ripping up engineered wood floors that are glued to concrete directly can be extremely painful and labor-intensive. The adhesive is challenging to remove.

Because of this, glued wood may also cost more to remove than tiles. Since not enough adhesive can be used, it may be simple to DIY the floor.

Approximately 10 square feet should boost you each hour. You can expect needing twice as long if a skilled floor installer installed the engineered wood flooring.

In a day, Kodiak will complete most tasks in each room. Your home will be secure thanks to the dustless tile removal tools ideal for removing wood. You discover your floors are as smooth as the new flooring that is prepared for you.


Cleaning Gold Canyon Concrete of Stains and Other Coatings

Anyone who has ever removed sealants or coatings from concrete surfaces using chemical strippers is aware of how uncomfortable it can be, not to mention the health dangers.

The process is one of the skilled tile removal team’s most challenging tasks.

There are two methods you can use to accomplish this.

Chemical strippers are one method for removing coatings. The second is that all our equipment and techniques for eliminating tiles without creating dust are mechanical, including our industrial grinders and sanding machines.

Both methods are effective, but the mechanical approach is recommended for treating floors since it produces less noise and dust (which we can regulate). Chemical strippers can be unpleasant and unhealthy.

We clean the floors with dust-free tools while keeping you and your family safe. A smooth concrete slab prepared for a new installation can silence you, but it is noisy.


Dust-Free Floor Removal Experts in Gold Canyon

Dust-Free Floor Removal Experts in Gold Canyon

We specialize in dust-free floor removal and have the utmost respect for your family and home. You require flooring removal companies with knowledge and experience if you want to remove any floorboards securely.

While we may employ traditional techniques, the most recent methods have been implemented to guarantee that we remove dust from your home before it accumulates.

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