Gold Canyon, AZ Dust Free Tile Removal. Why Use The Best?

For choosing a floor removal firm, you have a plethora of options. Kodiak Tile and Stone is the top choice with the efficient, dependable, and cost-effective removal of tiles.

Because there is virtually little dust left behind after our tile removal jobs, we are strong proponents of dustless tile removal. You may also expect your floors to be immaculate and ready for your next flooring renovation.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of hiring the top dustless tile removal business in Gold Canyon, Arizona.


Gold Canyon Dustless Tile Removal Professionals

It only takes a little section of tiled flooring in your kitchen or bathroom to contain nearly one pound of potentially hazardous dust. If you use a business that does not employ dust cleaning techniques, all of this dust will be disseminated throughout your home, causing you to breathe it in.

Many floor removal companies rely on plastic sheeting and tape to protect their floors. Both of these strategies fail to reduce or eliminate the amount of dust generated during a floor removal process.

Our suction machines employ HEPA certified air filters in order to capture all of the dust before it has a chance to spread.


Skilled Floor Removal Crews in Kodiak, Gold Canyon, AZ

For your tile removal project, using Kodiak Tile and Stone ensures that your job can be completed quickly and effectively. Old flooring replacement is what we specialize in. For decades, we have been around practicing our trade and using all the best dust free tools.

Our crew of highly qualified and insured professionals are trained to meet the toughest quality requirements and are committed to customer satisfaction. It is our top priority to hire the best professionals in the business.

We put the client first, and with the care and respect it deserves, our crew handles your house. The best equipment is used by our experienced crew to ensure that the job is smoother and cleaner.


Dustless Tile Removal in Gold Canyon

The fast and efficient Kodiak removal system leaves your home as clean as it possibly can be after removing all your tiles.

While we make sure to partition areas with plastic, this is a precaution rather than the only means of dust control. Out high-power vacuums get rid of most dust and leave just a smattering to deal with easily.

Now, you, too, can have the same high-quality tile removal service without the hassle of dust in your home.

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