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Tile flooring is an attractive and long-lasting alternative to another flooring. But a broken tile can quickly detract from the overall beauty of your floor. Do you know the difference between glazed and unglazed tile?

Are you ready to hire a Gold Canyon floor removal professional to remove your old flooring? Maybe you’ve already replaced it with tile flooring, but you’re undecided between glazed and unglazed options.

The difference between the two types of tiles is usually because of an enamel liquid that is infused into the clay tile before it is fired. This may seem like a minor element, but it can help you create a variety of textures and styles.


Glazed Tiles Vs. Unglazed Tiles

Glazed tiles, according to most people, are those that appear glossy? That isn’t always the case, though. They are available in both glossy and matte finishes. Glazed tiles have gone through a procedure that involves the application of liquid glass to the tile before it is heated in a kiln, rather than those that are shiny.

Glazed tile is becoming increasingly popular since it does not absorb moisture, is incredibly easy to clean, and does not fade.

However, because they are thinner than their unglazed counterparts, they are more susceptible to breaking when used in locations with a lot of pedestrian activity. 


Tiles Without Glazing

Unglazed tiles, unlike glazed tiles, are not coated with liquid glass enamel before being fired in the kiln. As a result, unglazed tiles are significantly thicker and denser than their glazed counterparts in terms of construction.

As a result, they’re ideal for high-traffic regions. In addition, their slip resistance makes them an excellent choice for pool surfaces. They do, however, discolor quickly because they absorb liquids.


Dustless Floor Removal Professionals

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