Gilbert Dust Free Tile Removal. Remove Home Tile, Dust-Free

Gilbert Dust Free Tile Removal. Remove Tiles Dust At Home

Tiles are a great decorative element for any building, but their styles always evolve. Long-term foot traffic will cause warping and cracking in the flooring, diminishing its aesthetic value. If the tile is not removed carefully, the floor will be damaged.

Kodiak has an excellent crew of hard-working experts who can complete any tile removal project to the highest standard of dust-free tile removal in Gilbert.


Gilbert Home Tile Removal Tips 

If you follow these steps, you'll see why hiring the Gilbert dust-free tile removal company is a good idea.

Before you start tearing up your floor, think about why you want new tiles. Do you want to stick with the same flooring or try something different, like epoxy flooring?

Knowing your next steps after an elimination makes moving forward a little less daunting.


Dress Wisely for Dusty Tile Removal

It can be a messy ordeal to remove tiles on your own. There's a decent possibility you could nick yourself, too.

Because of this, put on a face mask, safety glasses, and gloves. You could also dress in clothes that you don't mind getting dirty or stained. To separate tiles from their grout, you'll need a rotary cutter or a grout saw. Tiles can't stay put or be connected without grout.

As you make deep cuts in the grout, be aware of the walls or floors behind and below you. It is possible for any tile to break or chip. There needs to be someone available with a handheld vacuum to get rid of the dust.

Equipment blows to the tile, shattering it. Home improvement enthusiasts are big fans of cold chiseling. Put it in the exact center of the table and bang on it. Do this at the tiles' diagonal ends to make the elimination process a little simpler.

The old thinset must be removed before new tiles can be installed or the area can be used for any other purpose. An uncluttered desk is the result. A bricklayer's chisel works wonderfully for scraping mortar.

Your house will be covered in dust by this point, and you'll wish you hadn't begun. Hiring dust-free tile removal services in Gilbert is a far superior alternative.


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Realizing how challenging it is to remove tiles on your own should convince you it is better to hire a professional.

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