Dustless tile removal in Gilbert, AZ

Achieving dustless tile removal in Gilbert, AZ of your ceramic tiles is a near impossible task to complete yourself. It's essential to have the services of professionals who are able to use their specialized equipment and experience to ensure that tiles are removed in the cleanest and safest possible way.


People to try to remove ceramic tile themselves, or using non-specialist contractors, often come up against a range of problems. Ceramic tile is particularly prone to splintering and crumbling during removal. As well as creating a lot of dust in the air, on the surrounding surfaces, on the clothes and all around the building, there can be safety issues where shards of ceramic tile are removed and improperly dealt with to ensure that they are collected and contained. Injury to people can even occur during non-specialist removal of ceramic tile. When this company removes your ceramic tiles, you can be assured that we will use our expert knowledge in order to seal off the removal area, collect the detritus once removed, and leave the surface in the best possible condition with a smooth and adhesive-free finish.


Our professional techniques include correct preparation and softening of the old tile adhesive or bonding substance. Accurate separation of grout and tile from the adhesive, razor sharp tools for adhesive removal, carefully honed technique for adhesive scraping, and professional non-toxic chemical finishing solutions for a complete removal. All of the removed tiles and associated waste will be contained and swept, with the removal completed with a cleanse of the removal area to ensure that any remaining dust has been cleared. The result is a complete removal of your ceramic tile, without dust or mess, with no damage to people or property, and a clean surface that is sitting ready for the next step in your renovation. Truly tile removal in Gilbert, AZ!


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