Dustless Tile Removal Mesa: How to Remove Old Floors?

Tile removal isn’t simple. It takes a lot of time and effort and hiring someone to do it is costly. Most of our calls come from consumers who started the removal themselves and then called us.

Here you can find out more about why you should use Mesa expert dustless tile removal.


Here are the main reasons:

  1. The family is coughing and sick of the dust in their home.
  2. The floor is too hard to remove, and they give up after a week or two.
  3. They got tile up but not the thin-set.

Getting simply the thin-set up after the tile is gone doesn’t save much. Thin-set is more difficult to remove than tile; hence, it is more expensive.

Our dustless specialists can keep you and your family safe from the start. We can complete most chores in one day and clean up after ourselves.


How To Remove Glued-Down Hardwood?

Removing hardwood flooring bonded directly to concrete is a nasty and labor-intensive process. The glue can be challenging to remove.

Therefore, removing glued-down wood costs more than tiling. It might be easier to remove the floor yourself if you installed the floor because of insufficient or incorrect adhesives. You should expect pulling up 10 square feet per hour. What if it was professionally installed? Expect a glue-removal.

Keeping you and your family healthy is our recommendation. We can complete most chores in one day and clean up after ourselves. This includes removing all wood and glue, leaving a smooth, clean concrete slab ready for your new floor.


How to Remove Concrete Coatings and Paint?

Inquire of anyone who has used a chemical stripper to remove a sealer or coating off the concrete. Even for a pro, removing old or worn sealers and coatings from concrete is a complicated operation.

There are two methods remove sealers from concrete:



Using a chemical stripper to remove the coating


Mechanical removal of the coating by grinding, blasting, or sanding

While both methods function, the mechanical method produces noise and dust. That’s why chemical strippers are commonly used to remove sealers, paints, and coatings from concrete.

We can grind your floor without dust, keeping you and your family safe. Still noisy, but we can complete most things in one day and clean up after ourselves. We leave you with a clean, smooth concrete slab ready for new flooring.

How To Remove Glued Vinyl Flooring and Linoleum in Mesa

An old linoleum or vinyl floor can be easily removed, but what lies beneath? Now you’re stuck with gallons of old glue or adhesive that won’t come off.

Again, keep you and your family safe by letting our dustless specialists handle it. We can complete most chores in one day and clean up after ourselves.

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