Dust-Free Tile Removal Project in Gold Canyon, AZ

Dust-Free Tile Removal Project

Kodiak Tile and Stone remove tiles in Gold Canyon, Arizona, for dust-free tile removal projects thanks to our equipment and experience. Kodiak crews will complete any task promptly, safely, and with a minor inconvenience to your house or business.

Tile removal projects require careful planning. Kodiak Tile and Stone’s dust-free tile removal techniques ensure a flawless assignment.


Prepare the Area for Dust-Free Tile Removal

The first step in any dust-free tile removal project is preparing the area for the work that needs to be done. This includes clearing out any furniture or other objects from the space where you want to remove the tiles.

If any electrical outlets or wiring are near your work, ensure they are disconnected before beginning work on the project. Be sure to cover up any vents or other openings with plastic sheeting secured with duct tape so that no dust particles enter different areas of your home or business during the process.


Begin Removing Tiles Carefully

Now your tools are ready, carefully remove tiles from your floors or walls. Be patient—this procedure could take an hour or several days, depending on how many tiles you remove.

Start by loosening grout lines between tiles with a chisel until we can quickly remove them without breaking them apart, which could produce cleanup material. Use a ceramic or porcelain tile adhesive remover to remove them without hurting them!


Clean Up After dust-free Tile Removal Process 

After all of your tiles have been successfully removed, it’s time for cleanup efforts before putting anything else back into place within this area!

Start by sweeping away all debris left behind from loosening up grout lines while removing individual tiles and collecting any broken pieces using a vacuum cleaner or broom, depending on what works best for each situation.


Dust-Free Tile Removal Project

Ready To Get Started On Your Dust-Free Tile Removal Project?

No matter what type of dust-free tile removal project you’re looking into getting, whether it’s replacing old ceramic/porcelain tiles because of their age & wear & tear over time or installing something completely new altogether.

Kodiak Tile & Stone can help guide every step throughout the entire process involved here no matter how big/small scope might end up being overall eventually too!

So don’t hesitate to Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get a free quote for your project!

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