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It is no straightforward task to remove tiles. It is not only labor intensive, but it also creates heavy dust clouds that can be harmful. Kodiak gets weekly calls from people who started removing tiles on their own and then stopped calling us.

Here are the essential explanations for this. Families cough and can no longer handle the dust in their homes. They can’t remove floors as quickly as they figured and give up on the assignment while attempting to remove flooring.

Also, homeowners remove the tiles, but they could not get the thin setup, mainly because thin-set is harder than tiles, and when they start, most homeowners are unaware of this.

It is recommended that you keep your family safe and let our Queen Creek, AZ, tile removal specialists take care of any tile and another flooring that you need to remove.


Wooden Floors Need Floor Removal Specialists

It can be highly painful and labor-intensive to rip up engineered wood floors bonded directly to concrete. The adhesive is difficult to extract.

For this reason, glued wood can also be more costly to remove than tiles. It can be straightforward if the floor is a DIY job, since not enough adhesive can be used.

You should expect about 10 square feet every hour to lift you. If the engineered wood flooring was laid by a pro floor installer, you might look at taking it twice as long.

Kodiak will perform most assignments in each room in a day. To add to this, with the dustless tile removal machines perfect for wood removal, your home will be safe. You find that your floors are as smooth as your new flooring is ready for you.


Removing Stain and Other Concrete Coatings in Queen Creek

Anyone who has ever previously stripped sealants or coatings using chemical strippers from concrete surfaces will know how awkward it can make a home, not mention the health risks.

One of the most challenging jobs a competent tile removal team can perform is the operation. You’re going to find two ways of doing this. One is chemical strippers to remove coatings. The second is that our industrial grinders or sanding machines and all our machinery and techniques for dust-free tile removal are mechanical.

Both techniques work, and although the mechanical approach causes a lot of noise and dust (which we can control), it is the preferred method for floor treatment. There are unhealthy and very uncomfortable chemical strippers.

We deal with the floors using our dustless equipment and keep you and your family safe. While noisy, a smooth concrete slab ready for a new installation will finish you up.


Queen Creek Floor Removal Specialists are Dust Free

Our specialty is dust-free floor removal, and we care about your home and family in the best way. To remove any floors safely, you need flooring removal firms that have expertise and experience.

We may use conventional approaches, but the latest methods has been introduced to ensure that we eliminate dust from your home before it occurs.

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