Coating Garage Floor Basics. Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Coating Garage Floor Basics. Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Garages are often forgotten, although they offer fantastic areas around the home. Rather than bare concrete, many are turning to various coatings and even tile floors sometimes.

One thing all floor surfaces have in common is that they need a smooth surface. Luckily, Mesa Dustless tile removal experts from Kodiak Tile and Stone know as much about floor installation as the expert services of dust-free tile removal.

Here are a few things to be aware of.


Flooring Price

If only the price were considered, the decision could be easy. But unfortunately, lifespan, durability, and maintenance can complicate the topic.

Epoxy coatings are cheaper than polyaspartic coatings, so many homeowners give these a miss. The epoxy may be sensitive to environmental elements in your circumstance, so do your homework or seek advice from Kodiak Tile and Stone flooring experts. Epoxy is a reliable solution in many applications, although some prefer a more traditional appearance.

You’ll need to choose a coating regardless of why you’re coating the floor. So before covering your garage floor, consider these five items and see if you prefer following the Kodiak path.


Environmental Considerations

Environmental considerations may determine the optimum garage surface coating. For example, in harsh climates, epoxy flooring installation may be limited.

Too hot or cold can ruin many epoxy finishes. However, polyaspartic coatings can be applied at higher temperatures so that Arizona summers can be hot, so this may be a factor.

Arizona can be humid, and moisture from below can harm epoxy floors. Epoxy is slip-resistant. Polyaspartic coatings are slippery and may need slip-resistant aggregate.

Kodiak Tile and Stone can advise, as you can get a unique look that is durable using one of the many tile options.


Safety and Time

Polyaspartics may be faster and safer to apply and cure quickly. This allows a coating to be placed without causing too much disruption in high-traffic garages. In addition, they are low-odor and give off little hazardous emissions.

Epoxy can take a month to cure and days to install. In addition, epoxy off-gassing can be dangerous if the correct equipment isn’t employed, despite improved formulae.

Now, you can see why many homes opt for tiles as their flooring of choice.


Deterioration and Maintenance

Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are robust, durable, and stain-resistant. Very little separates the two. UV radiation fades epoxy.

It’s abrasion-prone and resists grease, gas, battery acid, and cleaning agents, making it ideal for garages.

Easy-to-maintain epoxy and polyaspartic floors, although epoxy flooring can be susceptible to harsh chemicals and cleaning, and they must be kept clean.

Some cleansers might leave an unsightly or slippery layer on polyaspartic flooring.

Again, if you use dustless tile removal to give you a smooth surface, it is much faster to have a tile floor installation.


Coating Garage Floor Basics. Mesa Dustless Tile Removal

Get Help On Garage Floors With Mesa Dustless Tile Removal Experts

After choosing a material, there are a few last things to consider. First, check your existing floor for damage or leftover concrete coatings.

Before applying a new coating, damaged floors must be repaired and old coatings removed. In addition, the surface must be cleaned of dirt, oil, and other stains.

Second, examine the installation process for your project and find an Arizona specialist who does quality work. Getting the best garage floor, or any floor in your home starts with dustless tile removal and Kodiak Tile and Stone.

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