Chandler Tile Removal. Is Tile Removal By Hand Safe?

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Is it safe to remove tiles by hand? The old tiles must be removed first when removing a ceramic tiled floor. While certain modern thin porcelain tiles can be over-tiled, the increasing thickness of the floor usually prevents this.

Removing ceramic or stone floor tiles is straightforward but time-consuming. In addition, depending on the sub-floor and installation type, it might be challenging labor, especially with older systems. Therefore, it is far more prudent to use dust-free tile removal devices and Chandler professionals who operate them.


Chandler Dust Free Tile Removal Simplifies Removing Hazardous Tile.

Specialized equipment, such as a hand-held power scraper, may be worth investing in if you come across one of these floors. These are excellent for fine chipping.

Hiring a wheeled-mounted medium- or heavy-duty floor tile lifter for more extensive or more problematic floors should efficiently remove old tiles and adhesive.

The more advanced machines have an utterly adjustable chassis that lets you dial the ideal blade angle and big diameter wheels for increased mobility and stability.

Whether you need to hire specialized equipment, removing the tile yourself can save you a lot of money, especially if it was installed on a steel-reinforced solid mortar base or directly on a concrete slab.



It is much easier to remove the tile if attached to plywood or cement board. When specially formulated tile adhesives were introduced in the 1970s, floor tiles could be attached directly to a plywood or cement-board underlayment. This method quickly supplanted the old mortar-bed system. The link between the tiles and the substrate is relatively easy to break in this installation form.

Only essential hand tools are required to remove floor tiles from a plywood or cement-board base, though a hammer drill with a chisel attachment helps speed up the operation. A hammer drill can wreak havoc on the plywood or cement-board sub-floor, so be prepared to do some repair work.


Dust Needs Removing With Chandler Floor Removal Experts

Tile removal can cause a lot of dust, so the do-it-yourself tiler should be aware of that—tape off your work area with plastic sheeting to prevent dust particles from spreading unnecessarily around your home.

Always wear a dust mask, eye protection, hearing protection, and heavy-duty work gloves when removing old tiles. Shards of tile or adhesive can fly into your eyes during the hammering and chiseling process, causing severe harm. In addition, wear long sleeves and thick gloves when removing broken tile fragments because they can be very sharp.

Ceramic tile demolition can also produce a lot of garbage, especially on large floors. Empty bulk bags, such as those used by builders’ merchants for sand or ballast, are suitable for storing this detritus.


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Cover open doorways with plastic sheets to keep dust at bay. It’s also good to cover your bath, sink, or shower trays. Scratches may result if large, sharp tile fragments are shot into your bathtub, shower tray, or sink.

Cardboard can protect these places from falling tiles. Cover them with an old sheet for further protection.

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