Chandler Tile Floor Removal. Do You Have Stone Floor Issues

Natural stone floor tiles are one of the most attractive kinds of flooring you can have in your home.

They not only look great, but they also have a lot of advantages, such as being simple to maintain. Stone is long-lasting and, in most cases, stain-resistant, giving your home a distinctive and adaptable appeal.

However, no flooring is flawless, and if you need to remove these dusty and heavy floors, you may require the services of Chandler dustless tile floor removal from Kodiak Tile & Stone.


Drawbacks of Natural Stone Floors

Stone flooring can transform your home into a valuable asset. These can assist increase the value of your home while also making it feel and look beautiful. However, there are some potential drawbacks to natural stone floor tiles that we should address.

If you already have stone flooring, you may notice some of these concerns. Some disadvantages can be shown here.


  • While many natural stone floor tiles are stain-resistant, untreated floors may stain in particular circumstances. If you have marble, limestone, or travertine floors, even something as simple as lemon juice or vinegar might stain them.
  • Some stone floorings might be dangerous when wet, depending on whether you are barefoot or wearing shoes with soles.
  • As natural stone ages (oxidizes), it can become discolored, and when you walk on it, it can appear filthy.
  • Stone floors are heavy, and they might settle and crack depending on the floor beneath them. You’ll need the aid of a Chandler tile floor removal business if this happens.
  • Many stone floors that had a shine when they were first installed will lose it.

Chandler dust-free tile removal experts can help with all the above issues and more besides.


Issues with Stone Floors 

Many natural stones are prone to chipping on the edges or corners, and if they are struck by something heavy, they may crack in vulnerable regions.

It may not be necessary to be concerned about the size of the crack or splinter. These fissures can represent a hazard to family members if they emanate from an uneven floor.

Fixing floors is practically tricky; therefore, the best option is to tear them up and replace them with something new.


Finding Help for Natural Stone Floor Removal in Chandler

It might be challenging to remove natural stone floor tiles without help if they have seen better days.

You might have even observed harm that you attempted to repair but made worse. It is advisable to enlist the help of professionals to determine the most acceptable methods for removing the old flooring.

Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal experts, and you can find out how to do all this, dust-free and quickly. You can contact the office directly or use the compact form below.

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