Chandler Dustless Tile Removal. Why Tile Removal is Harmful

Chandler Dustless Tile Removal. Why Tile Removal is Harmful

Inhaling crystalline silica might cause serious health complications. Silicosis, lung cancer, TB, and other dreadful diseases are examples.

Even though silica dust looks to be innocuous, it should be avoided at all costs. It is common for fractured floor tiles to be the source of silicosis, an incurable, life-threatening lung disease.

The embedded silica particles in your lungs create nodules and scar tissue in your lungs.

Inhaling this sort of dust has also been connected to kidney sickness. This article highlights the dangers of silica dust and why you should use Chandler Dustless Tile Removal Contractors to remove your old floor coverings for you.


Chandler Dustless Tile Removal Experts

When employing power floor removal tools to remove tiles, enormous amounts of fine silica dust are emitted into the environment. A pound of sediment can be created from just one square foot of floor space.

Being so delicate, the substance can be found on walls, floors, air conditioner vents, and cupboards because of its fragility. Compared to power equipment, applying floor clearance hand tools can slightly minimize dust particles. However, there is a considerable time and labor price.

A smooth floor can’t be achieved with simple hand tools, but with powerful tools, it is possible in a fraction of the time and with a lot less work.


How Chandler Tile Removal Experts Make Tile Removal Dustless  

  • As a dust barrier, we’ve seen plastic sheeting and tape employed, but it doesn’t help the room you’re in, and the dust will eventually travel to other areas of your home.
  • Wet Grinding & Chipping: Only wet grinding and wet chipping are permitted in specific areas. Although this decreases dust, wet grinding and chipping for tile removal makes a huge, sloppy mess that no one wants to deal with.
  • Dust vacuum cleaners include: Vacuum cleaners are good at collecting dust, but they have their limits. For starters, vacuum cleaners designed for home use were never designed to manage such massive volumes of dust. Clogged vacuums can cause dust to shoot out of machine vents, causing the engine to burn out. The most crucial thing is to ensure that the vacuum nozzle is pointing in the appropriate direction.


Chandler Dustless Tile Removal. Why Tile Removal is Harmful

Stop Dust with Chandler Dustless Tile Removal

Think about how to get rid of dust. But, unfortunately, only a professional tile removal business with no dust can answer appropriately. Our dustless tile removal service uses professional solid dust collecting vacuums to remove all dust from your home while it is being built.

Almost all of our floor-removal equipment has vacuum apertures to keep dust particles from blowing around. As a result, our experts complete their tasks on time, resulting in a happier family and more efficient task completion.

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