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Choosing floors for your commercial space requires hours of planning and research, regardless of whether you have a big restaurant or a small office. In addition, workspace areas will require different flooring requirements, such as water resistance or durability.

Kodiak Tile and Stone are here to assist you in determining which flooring will benefit your company the most, considering several variables. Once you know, you’ll need Chandler dustless time removal to deliver a smooth service.


Pick Flooring For Your Office And Commercial Space

Before breaking down the best commercial flooring options, we must go over the various considerations you make.

The process is like choosing to install flooring in your home; you must weigh several factors before deciding.


Criteria For Floor Selection

  • Room Use: Before choosing your flooring, you must determine which areas of your company will require which types of flooring. Lobbies, for instance, will require different things than a commercial kitchen.
  • Traffic Level: You should also consider how much traffic these floors will see. Compared to the front waiting area, where everyone must pass, a conference room won’t need as tough of a surface.
  • Next, ensure the flooring you select blends with the rest of your office’s decor. For example, different flooring is required for a cozy coffee shop and a contemporary corporate office. Before choosing the ideal flooring compliment, consider the style you want to achieve.
  • Maintenance Level: Finally, consider how much time you want to spend caring for the flooring. While hardwood will look stunning in your office, it will require more maintenance than laminate flooring.


Flooring Options For Commercial Space

You can now see which commercial flooring alternatives are best for different regions of your organization.

Lobby or Reception Area

Lobby or reception areas are common in businesses. This is likely separate from the rest of your commercial space but should welcome customers and clients. Again, because of daily traffic, you’ll need a durable floor.

Tile or laminate floors are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Both are durable and complement your space. Tile can withstand the constant foot traffic in your lobby, while laminate is a scratch-resistant, cost-effective alternative to hardwood. Using Chandler dustless tile removal experts means you can have the best floor installation possible.


Conference Room and Other Meeting Spaces

Your business may have a conference room and other meeting spaces. These areas of your commercial space won’t get as much traffic.

You can choose a more impressive floor without sacrificing lobby durability. You can choose hardwood floors or high-end carpets to impress potential clients. Both options will wow meeting attendees.


Open Office Area

Your business will operate in an open office, cubicles, or offices. You need flooring that can handle moderate traffic and reduces noise. Nobody wants to work in a noisy environment.

Carpet’s noise-canceling feature makes it ideal for extensive areas. Plus, installing carpets in most businesses is more cost-effective and can be styled to match your commercial space.


Restaurants and Food Service

Restaurants have specific flooring needs. Food service businesses have two main areas: dining and kitchen. Durability and aesthetics are essential in the dining area.

Dropped plates can crack tile floors. Laminate is preferable. It’s durable, long-lasting, and affordable. Choose tile or vinyl for kitchen flooring. These durable and water-resistant options will protect your kitchen staff.

You will need Chandler dustless tile removal to remove floors you don’t want and to minimize dust so you can carry on with business.


Chandler Dustless Tile Removal Experts

Get Help From Chandler Dustless Tile Removal Experts

If you’re renovating an office for your business, trust Kodiak Tile and Stone to remove the old flooring. You and your customers need a sturdy floor. Hiring Kodiak dustless floor removal experts ensure your new flooring will last.

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