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Mesa Tile Floor Removal Professionals

Buying a house is one of the most expensive expenditures a person can make in their lifetime. Buying a house with uneven floors can save you money, but you should proceed with caution.

Just because a house has uneven floors doesn’t mean you should write it off. When purchasing a house with uneven floors, many variables to consider.

Here you can learn from Kodiak flooring experts what to look for when buying a home with uneven floors.

If you are still unsure, you can get help from the number one dust-free tile removal company, Kodiak Tile and Stone.


Uneven Floors: What Causes Them?

These are the three main reasons why floors become uneven.

Slanted floors

Any floor surface that bounces, sags, buckles, or slopes is uneven. Because the foundation of older homes shifts with time, uneven floors are more common.

For example, a foundation may shift, and the floors become uneven for over 15-20 years.

However, there are additional causes for uneven floors. If your potential new home has uneven floors, hire a home inspector to assess it and evaluate the source of the property.


Issues with the Foundation

The foundation or structural damage can cause uneven floors. If you invest in a house with uneven floors because of foundation issues, you may have to spend thousands of dollars fixing the problem.

 Indeed, structural damage is one of the costliest issues to repair. For example, roof framing, bearing walls, and floor framing are all structural damage issues.

Because of the weight of the problem, the house’s floors will warp. In addition, a shaky foundation might jeopardize the structural integrity of your home.

Red signs for foundation issues include bouncy floors, floors that slope in one direction, and windows or doors that stick. Again, it would help if you worked in a building to evaluate the damage and fix repairs.


Excessive Moisture

Another common cause of sagging or uneven floors is water damage. Water seeps in from a variety of places, including leaking pipes. Excessive moisture can damage the sub-flooring and wooden beams that support your home’s structure.


Ground Movement

The ground shifts throughout time. Unfortunately, the ground can shift your foundation. It causes your home’s floor to shift. This is when soil compaction becomes crucial. If you want to invest in a house with uneven floors but no foundation damage, hire a flooring expert to prevent the floor from sagging in the future.


Mesa Tile Floor Removal Professionals


Get Help From Mesa Tile Floor Removal Professionals

The benefits of dust-free tile or flooring removal are numerous, one of which is the avoidance of tile dust inhalation.

If your new home has uneven floors, our experts can advise why it has them, and also they can be the ones to correct them using our dust-free tile removal machines.

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