Best Dustless Tile Removal in Gold Canyon, AZ


Commercial managers often renovate a property before moving in and setting up their new store or office. If the building is an existing property that has been vacated by a previous client, renovations can involve the replacement of existing flooring materials. The floors may have been damaged by the previous tenants, carpets may be worn, or just the flooring does not fit the planned décor the new tenant is aiming for.


In empty buildings or condo units, flooring can be removed with little regard to the amount of dust created in many situations. However, adjacent tenants could be impacted by dust particles, particularly if there are common heating and cooling systems. Unless dustless tile removal equipment and processes are used, fine dust particles may escape to other units or to other rooms within the unit. In addition, removing all dust as it is created during tile removal reduces the health impact on individuals who may be susceptible to allergies, asthma, and bronchitis. Fine dust particles escape into the air, and anyone working in the unit may experience breathing issues. Other tradespeople or employees may be exposed to dust.


Our company emphasizes the importance of eliminating all dust created during the removal of tiles, stone, thin-set, mortar and many other flooring materials. Whether it is a jackhammer or grinder used to remove floors, we attach vacuum hoses to remove all of the dust particles and exhaust them to our specialized filtering systems located outside the unit. Call our Dustless Tile Removal in Gold Canyon, AZ today to arrange an appointment. We can review your needs and provide a quotation based on the type of flooring to be removed and any specific needs you may have regarding protecting existing rooms, walls, and furniture.


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