Why is Chandler, AZ Dust Free Tile Removal Healthier?


Looking around your house, you decide certain areas of your house design have been bothering you the longest. You decide that it is time for a change, and it is your flooring that needs to be done first.

The question is how you remove all your old tiles without making too much mess. You search the web and can find many tile removal contractors who offer dust-free tile removal.

Being new to this, you can only presume this means there is little or no dust as they dig up your old tiles.

Here, you can learn why you need a dust-free tile removal professional in Chandler, AZ, to help get your home renovations underway.


Why the Need for Chandler Dustless Tile removal?

Remember that every tile removal company should not only offer dust-free tile removal, but that they do it right.

When you remove your tile floor with a non-dust-free tile removal company, they use plastic sheeting, drape it and stick it over your furniture and kitchen countertops.

Unfortunately, for most homeowners are unaware of the risks, the removal of tiles in the absence of dust-free options can be quite hazardous to you and your family’s health.  


Unhealthy Chandler Tile Removal with Plastic Sheeting

When you carry out tile removal, your old tiles and the old grout broken up into small pieces; as the skilled tile removal crews start removing these, the tiles break into a very fine silica fume, and known to be a carcinogenic substance.

 It not only irritates your eyes and breathing system but may also trigger asthma attacks, and if inhaled, it may cause long-term damage. Kids, pets, and elderly people are susceptible to this dust. If not treated properly, these dust particles will stay around in your house for months.

The final issue with this plastic sheet procedure is they don’t work properly. With dust in your home, you must pay extra for a deep cleaning to fix the problem.


Where to Find Dust Free Tile Removal in Chandler, AZ

To get around not needing a home cleaning company to get rid of all the dust. You need to forget any tile removal company that uses plastic sheeting.

The solution is quite simple, and you need to find a dustless tile removal company that uses machinery to do this rather than plastic.

To save looking and to save the health of your family, you can contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal professionals.

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