Why Do You Pay Professionals? Chandler Dustless Tile Removal

Why Do You Pay Professionals? Chandler Dustless Tile Removal


When looking for a company to remove your flooring, you can choose from a few that offer dust-free tile removal. Companies frequently use plastic sheets and glue to lift flooring. These estimates do not include dust generated during the floor clearance process.

Kodiak Tile and Stone is the company to call if you need your tiles removed quickly and efficiently.

Outdated flooring is one of our specialties; we can help you remove it and install something new. We have perfected our methods for years, keeping even the most delicate machinery free of dust.

DIY tile removal may sound like a great way to save money, but it requires specialized equipment and knowledge that most people don’t have.

Read on for details on how we can safely remove your tiles in Chandler without creating any dust, as well as helpful advice on extending the life of your tile and preventing common problems like stains and chips.


Fixing Tiles That Keep Breaking

Unlike other flooring options, tile flooring requires more care and upkeep due to the material’s fragility but long lifespan. Even though low-traffic areas don’t need daily or weekly cleaning, they still require regular sweeping to eliminate dust, dirt, and sand.

Wear and tear on the tile from abrasive particles and foot traffic can occur. It would help if you used a neutral pH cleaner to eliminate stains or spots on your tile.

Damage to ceramic tile surfaces can occur using chemicals like oil-based cleaners, abrasives, and acidic cleaners.

Grout needs to be resealed occasionally to prevent water damage to tiles. You will quickly learn what tile fans already know: tile is one of the most long-lasting and low-upkeep flooring options. Experts in dust-free tile removal in Chandler can be helpful.


How Do I Remove Tiles?

Taking out ceramic tiles one at a time can be tedious and potentially dangerous. Instead, it would help if you began chipping away at the grout to weaken the tiles’ adhesiveness.

It may be more manageable to break the tile into pieces, depending on its size and condition. If you want to avoid a lot of extra work and cleaning, hire a company that removes tiles without creating a lot of dust.

The subfloor must be sanded or built up after removing the old tile to ensure a level surface for the new tile.


Where Is The Best Chandler Ceramic Tile Removal Company?

It could be tempting to save money by removing Chandler tiles yourself. However, this procedure can be dusty and unclean. Even if you use tape and plastic tarps to keep the dust contained throughout the process, the material will not be released into the air once the tarps are moved.

Kodiak Tile and Stone are a professional flooring company specializing in tile removal with minimal dust.

You will reap the benefits of a cleaner, faster project without lifting a finger. To ensure you’re working with the top tile floor removal professionals, Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

You can check out customer reviews here, ‘SoTellUs’, and the BBB reviews for more information.

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