What Tool Removes Floor Tiles? Chandler, AZ

Tap the pieces free with a ball-peen or masonry hammer and a cold chisel. When removing ceramic tile, always wear safety glasses. In some cases, using heavy equipment like a jackhammer or an air chisel is the only way to remove the ceramic tile.

If there’s one thing you’re worried about when your contractor comes to work on your home, it’s that there will be a lot of dust. If that’s the case, you’ll want Dustless Tile Removal in Chandler, which won’t blow dust in your face.


Is There a Machine to Remove Ceramic Tile?

To finish large jobs or remove tough ceramic tile, you can rent a riding floor scraper or a battery-powered riding floor scrapper. Many types are available for rent. The number of tiles removed in an hour is determined by the thickness and hardness of the thinset.

However, it is still hard work, and there are tons of dust. You can depend on Kodiak Tile and Stone to work hard and make sure using the professionals is a cost-effective solution rather than struggling to do your tiles yourself.

Concerning dust, our machines have a built-in filtering vacuum that takes all this out of your home to avoid contamination or irritation.

Kodiak Tile & Stone has dust-free tile removal options to choose from, and all you need to do is take the time to schedule an appointment and let these experts come to your home to help you.

While the project itself is straightforward and easy to understand, it is time-consuming, physically demanding, and dirty.



How Do You Remove Stubborn Tiles? Chandler, AZ

You need to be done quickly; you need Kodiak working on your job. Our company is familiar with Chandler Dustless Tile Removal and knows how to deal with many other floor types.

If you want to know that the job you’ve done will be guaranteed and that the company you chose will make every effort not to make a mess when it’s done, you should hire our company to handle it.

Our specialty is dust-free tile removal, and we treat every job site with respect, whether it’s an old bathroom or a brand-new kitchen.

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