What Is Dustless Tile Removal? Queen Creek Floor Removal

What Is Dustless Tile Removal? Queen Creek Floor Removal

The results of having tiles removed conventionally are familiar to you if you have ever had this done in your home.

Standard tile removal is time-consuming and tiresome, typically taking several days to complete in typical dwellings.

The demolition process can generate a lot of dust, making conventional tile-stripping techniques extremely unsanitary. Allergens could be present in this dust, and thus, you will need Queen Creek dustless tile removal professionals.


What Is Dust-Free Tile Removal?

The term "dust-free tile removal," also spelled "dustless tile removal," refers to a method of tiling that uses a special vacuum attachment to reduce the amount of dust and debris released into the air during the removal process.

This prevents harmful dust and particles from settling on the contractor, homeowners, children, pets, and the environment. In addition, the National Cancer Institute has identified crystalline silica as a carcinogen and is harmful to human health.


The Dangers of Airborne Crystalline Silica Particles

  • The National Cancer Institute has determined that crystalline silica is a carcinogen. In addition, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards address the dangers of prolonged exposure to crystalline silica particles, which can cause severe lung problems and even cancer.

    Aside from raising the risk of lung cancer, crystalline silica exposure also raises the risk of silicosis, a fatal form of lung fibrosis.
  • Asthma and other persistent respiratory conditions lowered lung capacity
  • Lung scarring is a medical term for tuberculosis and other severe lung infections

‚ÄčIt's important to note that contracting these conditions through tile removal alone is unlikely. OSHA's primary concern is over the dangers of prolonged exposure for workers.


Who Benefits from Dust-Free Tile Removal?

Even though everyone can benefit from our dust-free tile removal method, we have noticed that certain types of customers are more likely to request it specifically.

Most homeowners who request dust-free tile removal do so because they have respiratory issues themselves or have young children, pets, or other members of the household who are especially vulnerable.

Asthmatics, allergy sufferers, and those with similar conditions are typical examples of this category. When dust-free tile removal is essential to a homeowner, they are more willing to pay for it.

Because of concerns about infection control, commercial customers in the healthcare and food service industries prefer dust-free environments. In addition, we frequently work with contractors such as builders, remodelers, decorators, and floor layers.

Finally, we often work with property managers for residential and commercial enterprises such as casinos, convention centers, and other resort properties.


What Is Dustless Tile Removal? Queen Creek Floor Removal


Get the Best Help For Queen Creek Dustless Tile Removal

Dustless tile removal uses specialized tools that hammer, chip, and grind away the tile and underlying thinset mortar.

Simultaneously, vacuum-type attachments capture the harmful particulate matter, a natural byproduct of the flooring removal process. 

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