What Happens in Queen Creek, AZ Dust-Free Tile Removal?


If you ever wonder how long it can take to remove tiles from your floor, it’s harder and dirtier than you can imagine. Depending on room size and who did the installation, you can see up to three days, including the clean-up.

However, that was the old way, and Kodiak is specialists in dust-free tile removal. Unless you have a massive area to clear tiles from, we can complete most jobs in a day.

If you want to learn more, carry on reading, and you will see why you need to consider Queen Creek, AZ dust-free tile removal on your next flooring project.


What Happens with Tile Removal?

You know you want a new floor, and your old tiles need removing. What steps can you expect to face?

Although you may have a loose tile, these are usually stuck to the floor using “thinset.” Once this thinset bonds to the concrete and your tiles, the tiler places the grout for the final finish.

You can get types of thinset and each stronger than the previous

  • Mortar thinset: Similar to what they use to lay bricks.
  • Fortified: You may find this as the standard thinset and is close to concrete strength.
  • Flexbond: Contains polymers that allow movement in the tiles. It helps prevent cracking and possible lifting.

If you have a home with tiles laid before the 1980’s you may have an asbestos mix, and you will need Queen Creek dust-free tile removal professionals.


How to Remove Tiles in Queen Creek, AZ?

Depending on the previous installer, dictates how easily the tiles can be removed. While your tiles may be straightforward, the thinset is another matter.

Many use various hammer drills, demolition hammers, or angle grinders with wire brush attachments, yet all these make dust clouds.

Although Kodiak is experts in dust-free tile removal, we still carry out old fashioned prep work.

  1. Seal the room and doorways with plastic drop sheets.
  2. Remove all furniture, so the room is empty.
  3. Pass dust collection hoses to collection bins outside the home.
  4. Wear protective gear including masks and goggles




Dust-Free Tile Removal in Queen Creek

Here are some basic steps of how our skilled tile removal teams deal with your floors.

  1. Move larger tile pieces away from the work area
  2. Watch as the high-power suction hoses suck up the smallest pieces and dust as they are broken from the floor.
  3. Check and change air filters if required

It may not sound too drastic, yet when you see the dust created, if you don’t use vacuums, you’ll be cleaning your home for weeks.

Kodiak uses not only dust-free tile removal equipment; we block any returns that could reenter the work area. Such precautions ensure no dust particles find their way into your home’s HVAC system.

You can easily have quality tile removal services without dust in your home.

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