What Happens Without Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Contractors?

Silica dust may not appear to be a dangerous substance, but it should be avoided at all costs. Silicosis is a debilitating, lifelong lung disease caused by silica particles scarring the lungs, quickly occurring when breaking floor tiles.

Your lungs respond by forming nodules and scar tissue around the embedded silica particles in your lungs.

Inhaling crystalline silica can cause a serious, sometimes fatal illness. Silicosis, lung cancer, tuberculosis, and other serious diseases are examples.

Inhaling this type of dust has also been linked to kidney disease. You can learn more about silica dust in our guide and why you need Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Contractors to remove your flooring.


Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Contractors

High concentrations of fine silica dust are released into the environment when using power floor removal tools to remove tiles. From as little as a square foot of floor area, a pound of sediment could be produced.

Because the material is so delicate, it can be found on walls, floors, air conditioner vents, and inside cabinets.

When compared to using power tools, using floor removal hand tools may reduce dust particles slightly. However, the trade-off is the tremendous amount of work involved.

Simple hand tools will not give you a smooth floor, whereas powerful tools will do so in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort.


How Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Contractors Control Dust


Plastic Sheeting & Tape: We’ve seen plastic and tape used as a barrier, and it doesn’t help the room you’re in, and the dust will eventually spread to other areas of your house.

Wet Grinding & Chipping: In some jurisdictions, only wet grinding and wet chipping are permitted. Even though this reduces dust, the water used for wet grinding and chipping for tile removal creates a substantial sloppy mess that no one wants to deal with.

Dust Vacuums: Vacuums are effective at collecting dust, but they have limitations in this area. To begin with, consumer-grade vacuums were never designed to handle such large amounts of dust. Dust can blow out of machine vents because of clogged vacuums, causing the engine to burn out. The trick is to make sure the vacuum nozzle is pointed in the right direction.



Cure Dusty Tile Removal with Gilbert Dustless Tile Removal Contractors

You might wonder how to get rid of dust. The only proper solution is to hire a qualified dust-free tile removal company. Our dustless tile removal service employs powerful industrial dust collection vacuums that extract all dust from your home as it is being constructed.

Almost all of our floor-removal equipment includes vacuum ports to keep dust particles from flying around. Our findings result in a safer, happier household, and more efficient completion of the task.

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