What Causes Tile Floor Issues. Chandler Tile Floor Removal

What Causes Tile Floor Issues. Chandler Tile Floor Removal

The beauty of natural stone floor tiles makes them an excellent option for any home.

They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several great benefits, such as low upkeep requirements. Stone gives your home a classic and timeless look, and it also resists stains in most circumstances.

The experts at Kodiak Tile & Stone in Chandler can help remove dustless tile floors if you need to eliminate these heavy and potentially hazardous surfaces.


Drawbacks of Natural Stone Floors

Installing a stone floor in your home might increase its market value. These have the dual benefit of beautifying your home and raising its resale price. Natural stone floor tiles have many benefits, but there are a few potential downsides that we need to discuss.

Some of these issues can be more apparent if you already have stone flooring. However, it’s possible to demonstrate certain drawbacks here.

  • Untreated floors may stain under certain conditions, despite many natural stone floor tiles being stain-resistant. In addition, lemon juice and vinegar can stain marble, limestone, and travertine flooring.
  • Some types of stone floors might be dangerous when wet, especially if you aren’t wearing shoes with soles.
  • Walking barefoot on a natural stone after it has aged (oxidized) and turned discolored may look dirty.
  • Stone floors are substantial; depending on the subfloor, they may sink and crack over time. A tile floor removal service in Chandler will significantly assist this situation.
  • It’s common for the luster that stone flooring had when they were first laid to fade away gradually.


Chandler dust-free tile removal experts can help with all the above issues.


Issues with Stone Floors 

Many types of natural stones are easily damaged, especially at the corners and edges, and when struck by something heavy, they may break in weak spots.

The size of the crack or splinter may not be of concern. However, if an uneven floor causes cracks, then the safety of the household is at risk.

The best action option, fixing floors is practically impossible, is to rip them up and install a new one.


What Causes Tile Floor Issues. Chandler Tile Floor Removal

Get Stone Floors Removed in Chandler by a Professional

Old natural stone floor tiles may be challenging to uproot without professional help. You may have even witnessed the damage you tried to fix, only to make it worse. If you want to know the safest and most effective way to take up the old flooring, it’s best to get help or a second opinion.

Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone dust-free tile removal experts, and you can find out how to do all this dust-free and quickly. You can contact the office directly or use the compact form below.

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