Top Tile Removal in Mesa, AZ


If you think tiles can be difficult to put up then taking them down could be really messy unless you hire professionals to do it for you. The best experts to use are us, your local tile removal company. We have specialist gear, which means we can offer dustless tile removal services as well as a normal tile removal job. The dustless service adds extra value and offers benefits when compared to a simple tile removal. We encourage our customers to take the dustless option instead. 


We have been doing tile removal for years and advances in equipment allow us to do the dustless tile removal service. Tiles produce dust when removed so preventing it is good for our teams as they do not have to breathe it in, and it prevents mess in your bathroom or kitchen. Our equipment sucks up the dust as soon as the tiles are removed. It is not the only specialist gear we use, we are able to remove the grout so that the tiles can be removed without damaging the walls. Dust is produced as the tiles are removed, yet it is all removed. Without the gear our teams use it would be much harder to remove the tiles without removing the dust at the same time. 


Our professional Tile Removal in Mesa, AZ is better now that we offer the dustless removal service and can do a cleaner removal job with a much reduced need to tidy up after we have finished. Extracting the dust as we work means that there is less mess and it is easier to take away the old tiles and other waste. Our teams put covers down so that everything they remove calls on to these and can be quickly tidied up.