Top Dustless Tile Removal in Gilbert, AZ


Anyone who has been around renovation work areas is well aware that a great deal of dust can be part of the job. Removal of old floorings such as tile floors; ceramic floors or wood floors often creates a huge amount of dust. Without taking appropriate precautions, dust particles can be distributed into every area of your home. In addition to the mess and the annoying cleanup required, many people suffer from asthma and other breathing-related issues. Spreading dust throughout the home may be a huge concern for some customers strictly from a health perspective.


Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem which protect our clients as well as our employees from dust particles released into the air. Dustless Tile Removal in Gilbert, AZ involves using equipment that not only loosens the tile but also vacuums up any small particles that may be displaced in the process. Whether small electric jackhammers or grinders are being used, the vacuum draws these particles into the system and capturing them for later disposal.


Clients who are sensitive to dust and other material disturbed in the process of removing tile flooring appreciate the steps taken to provide a safe work environment that protects them, their families, and their home. They can move ahead with their renovation plans knowing that they do not need to worry about experiencing lung infections, asthma attacks, and more. We also are experts at removing carpeting, hardwood flooring, ceramic tile floors, and linoleum as well. We guarantee all of our work and have many satisfied customers. Call our Dustless Tile Removal in Gilbert, AZ today for a quote. We can answer any additional questions you may have and address any specific concerns you may have.

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