Top Dust Free Tile Removal in Mesa, AZ

Broken Tiles? Missing pieces? Stained or discolored grout? It is probably time to replace your flooring. While it may be possible to do repairs yourself, it will only extend the life of your floor for a limited time. Your floor will eventually wear out due to the age of the materials. Also, repairing can leave an ugly “patchwork” look that detracts from the overall look of your flooring. It may be time to remove everything and start over again.


Some people think they can save money by removing old tile themselves and end up finding out the job is just too big. Removing tile can be labor and time intensive. It takes specialized equipment to do a quality, efficient job. And a dust-free job? That requires professionals. But not all professionals are created equal. Some inexperienced companies may not have the right equipment or set up the proper barriers to ensure a dust-free job or protect your home from damage. You deserve clean Dust Free Tile Removal in Mesa, AZ.


We have specialized equipment and the experience you need for clean, dust-free tile removal. Let us put our advanced equipment to work removing your old flooring such as: Ceramic Tile, Thinset Mortar, Stone, Saltillo, Wood flooring, Carpet, Vinyl, Glue, Mastic, Adhesive, Coatings or Paint. We will remove all that old, heavy flooring and dispose of it for you. You will be left with a clean concrete slab, the best starting place for any renovation project. Once you have a clean concrete slab, you can inspect for cracks or defects and install your new flooring. Start your project with the right people, start it with our Dust Free Tile Removal in Mesa, AZ!


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