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Are you planning to change the floors? You’ll need to think about a few things if you want tile or stone. First, you’ll need to choose the right size, type, and tile color for the room you’re remodeling. And you’ll have to have a smooth and dust-free floor before successfully installing your tile pattern floor.

To help, flooring experts from Kodiak Tile and Stone have made a list of tile pattern ideas for you to think about before you go flooring shopping.


Choosing Between Different Ideas for Tile Patterns

You can lay your tiles however you want. But each style of tile layout has some pros and cons. So, before you choose and buy tiling, think about these pros and cons. This way, you’ll be sure of your choice even after it’s been implemented.

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Straight Course

This is one of the most popular tile patterns in the entire world. It’s a classic choice that works well with tiles of any size, shape, or color. It’s done by putting tiles next to each other, making sure that the corners match so that the lines are straight and even.

  • Pros: They look great in almost any house room and can be used for almost any type of tile. And of all the tile patterns, it’s the easiest to put together.
  • Cons: It’s not the best choice for smaller, narrower rooms because it can make the room seem smaller than it is.


Diagonal Pattern

This pattern is almost the same as the straight layout, except that the tiles are tilted 45 degrees, so they sit diagonally. Square tiles are needed for the style. When put together, these square tiles no longer look square; instead, they look like diamonds. So, people also often call it a diamond pattern.

  • Pros: This pattern makes a small space look bigger than it is, unlike the straight pattern, which makes a small space look smaller. It’s also not too hard to lay yourself.
  • Cons: If you want to use rectangular tiles like subway tiles, this style is not for you. And it’s not the smartest pattern you can find. So, if you want something that isn’t common, choose a different style.


Herringbone Pattern

This European pattern is called “herringbone” because it looks like the bones of a fish. Putting square tiles in a “V” shape and repeating this pattern is how it’s done. To finish it, you put one tile at a 45-degree angle, the next tile perpendicular to one end of the first tile, and so on.

  • Pros: This pattern can make a narrow space look much more significant. So, it’s great for bathrooms and hallways. This is because the eye is drawn to the “V” instead of seeing how big the area is.
  • Cons: It isn’t easy to put these tiles together in this pattern. So, it might be more expensive to hire a pro. Also, when used in large rooms or spaces, it can be too busy if you want a quieter atmosphere.


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Before choosing a tile pattern, clean the floor, so there is no dust.

Now that you have some ideas for tile patterns for your own home, think about tearing up the floor you have now. You could do it yourself, of course. Or, you could have professionals come in and use innovative dust-free tools to get your floor ready for installation in just a few hours.

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