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Silicosis, which can be fatal or severely disabled in severe cases, can be brought on by breathing in crystalline silica dust. Scar tissue develops in the lungs because of silica dust exposure, making it challenging for the lungs to absorb oxygen. Unfortunately, the disease silicosis cannot be cured.

To avoid unwanted accidents and to leave the workers unbothered, it is safer for the occupants to stay away from the area throughout the process.  

Following the process, any family needs to heed the San Tan Valley dustless tile removal experts advice to avoid any incident. 


Dustless Tile Removal Experts Care for Your Family and Home 

Safety regulations and precautions are implemented to expedite and ensure the project’s safety and safeguard the occupants of the residences.

Homeowners who think a small renovation or destruction will not harm regularly disregard these laws. One should be informed of the process for installations that demand demolitions, like tile removals.

Workers utilize tools that chip or cut through the floor when removing tiles. The material released from the floor is known as silica, and dust clouds may be seen coming out of the tiles while it is happening. Kodiak is aware of all the risks and utilizes the appropriate equipment to remove this dust before it becomes a problem.


Tile Removal and Dangers of Silica Dust

Stone crushing and milling industries frequently use silica, a naturally occurring mineral found in rock and soil. You’ll notice that every business employee that deals with such materials is dressed in safety gear, including face masks if you’ve ever visited or worked there.

Remember that excessive exposure to the inhalation of silica can cause several respiratory problems and chronic diseases like silicosis.

Silicosis is brought on by long-term exposure to silica dust inhalation. If the material is regularly breathed, the particles lodge in the lungs, thickening and scarring lung tissue and increasing the risk of silicosis and lung cancer.


San Tan Valley Dust Free Tile Removal Experts


Where Are San Tan Valley Dust Free Tile Removal Experts? 

Taking out tiles is a messy operation. Most people are unaware of the amount of time, labor, risk, and effort to remove a floor. In addition, DIY tile removal isn’t economical due to the possibility of ruining your subfloor and the requirement to rent disposal units.

With robust vacuums, our tile removal service removes all the dust from your house. In addition, our cleaning tools have dust-free vacuum apertures to prevent dust from entering the air.

Our results lead to cleaner, healthier homes, and the job is done quickly. Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.  

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