Scottsdale Dustless Tile Removal. Thinset’s Hard To Remove

Scottsdale Dust Free Floor Removal

Thinset is hard to remove; why is that? When a floor is stuck to a concrete or plywood subfloor, it can be hard to get it up. Some types of hardwood and carpet, as well as tiles and sheet vinyl, need to be stuck together with an adhesive. Then, use a floor-scraping tool to remove the flooring.

A power scraper that you walk behind is recommended. For smaller areas, a scraper with a sharp blade that you hold in your hand would work.

When it comes to toilets, the work starts when the bathroom is taken out. Remove the baseboard, the doors from their hinges, and any molding around the doorways in each room.

To do this without making a lot of dust, you need tile removal experts in Scottsdale who don’t make dust.


How Do I Get Rid Of Tile That Is Glued Down?

Some floors are put down on top of plywood that has been glued down. If this is the case, you will need to remove them and the tiles.

  1. Remove all of the screws from the plywood with a cordless screw gun.
  2. Remove any nails you can remove with a claw hammer and diagonal pliers.
  3. With a 1-inch chisel pushed under the edge, you can cut any nails or glue holding the pry bar in place.
  4. Pull the bar out and put it back a few inches further down the joint.
  5. Then pry again to loosen a part long enough to get two hands under it if you need a place to walk, put the loose piece of plywood over the space between the joists.
  6. Grasp it with both hands, rock it up and down, and pull it out in one piece if you can. You can use the plywood as a platform to pry and remove up successive pieces of the floor, sliding it as you go until all of the plywood is off the floor.
  7. Use a claw hammer to remove any nails stuck in the floor or floor joists. If the nails break, use diagonal pliers to remove them.


It’s challenging work, and the dust can be hazardous. So Kodiak Tile and Stone do dustless floor removal to save the hassle and keep your home healthy.


Scottsdale Dust Free Floor Removal


Where To Find Scottsdale Dust Free Floor Removal?

As you can see, removing floor tiles is almost as hard as getting rid of them yourself. However, tile removal businesses that don’t make dust can similarly take up all kinds of flooring.

If you try to remove floors separately, you can’t get rid of the dust and remove it to a minimum. This could make the sale of your house take longer or even stop.

Kodiak Tile and Stone has removed thousands of residential floor tiles and many other types of flooring and subfloors over the years.

If you need a clean space to lay a new floor or wall, Contact Kodiak Tile and Stone, or you can fill in the compact form for a direct reply.

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